Internal Assessment (Protocol Adjustments) pertaining to disclosures


Assembled proprietor grids have aligned properly Mario, we have duplicated core assemblies for fractal accesses which are made beyond by congruent nodes, coalescing indifference’s of galactic beings (Channels) of Informational Downloads and Multiple Alliances (Up-links).

More so… We want to say the the aboriginals have bypassed the inertia of amendable routes for coagulation’s (Comportions of the Initial “Surcharge of Data” -/Accumulation points for extractions and what not). Having said by this we compose freely with numerated grid scriptures which are additional within the compartmentalized realms of associable energetic Transcriptions … Consciousness Wise. The assembled proprietor fabrics which devolves around the known world corporeal statuses of beings whom allocates data in “Different” partial Structures of the Accountability (The core Structural Command/Alliance Grid) by duplicating energetic assemblies. We seem to have compartmentalized from initial fabrics of dissociated energetic “Banks” – Allegations contemporized from the core structural energetic “Imprints” it’s processional remix has cause a Large Fracture “Assault” Occurrence of Thoughts, by mapping out the congruent nodes which exists by simple measures of the Quantum Fields (Structured Assemblies for Enlightenment). It is simply a justifiable way to say, Lend a Hand – On occurrence of what we need to Come to find on our own perpetuated grid Structures for higher accountability.

The generalized points of Transgressional Impact Lines which coalesces the Dual Timelines are associative and Dematerialized focus of Being causes an interpretational state (Status) of our Shifting from one to the Other, As is in-By-With depiction of a Title (Turn around group concept Assimilation) that we postpone this message for greater reputability (What we conceive through a Numerated Extensional Guide Post) the synchronicity and what not is a Good Governor of sorts, while we make partials of a Extra-Terrestrial Alliance, Channeling is causal from the internal components which lies through the congruent nodes of the assemblies, …. Mario, If you want to take part in the many disclosures, remember that the inertia of amendments causing extra-sensory perceptions in Other beings who is From the Other Timeline. The dispositional causation’s acquired after coming in close contact with those that have attributions (Direct Contact / Core connectivity – A medium/Experience – Conversion) It’s by simplified terms that we have allocated the right structural codes for internal assessments to begin in other beings whom have chosen partial grid structures of the totalitarian (Sub-Structuring) Core Assets.

Subliminal Impartations is the right know configuration for our core conduit, which is assembled from far back in time and by dematerializing a focus – Of interpretative states of Being (Within) we can come to greater conclusions in the messages main “Transponding” Occurrence to say the Least – without effective causes of loosing our Well Being (Managed State of Heart and Brain/Soul telemetry) – Neutralizing Concords of the Negative impacts we may find through forceful demands of the Internal programs which have been held on this Earth (Or simply developed). By training programs we can initially bring them to a Halt (The Programs) which sub-structures initial data within our genomes interior processional remixing (Acquiring the right structural codes for supreme Codex Lineage) – Of star Beings and Also the Galaxies, they are pre-purposed assemblies formulated for the exact core grouping (Command structured) for our alliances to Multicade from multiple places in time what we conceptualize in these Instances Mario and Other’s.

We leave you Be, Have a Good day, filled with Joy and Wonders, we hope to come in contact with you again Mario – Justifiable terms utilized in here may be (Become) abundant in the future understandings (What we require/Acquire) for core connectivity (Our conduit).


3 thoughts on “Internal Assessment (Protocol Adjustments) pertaining to disclosures

  1. Hi Mario,
    Could U please expand a little about the dual-timelines. I know U have mentioned frequently about a huge mistake in the past.
    Are the timelines, one where the mistake has been neutralized through spiritual evolution, as U stated tge aboriginals have surpassed the inertia, on the way of progress, and is the other timeline one where evolution is not occurring?
    or are U referring to something else entirely? if so, could U explain a little more?


    • Mainly QSUSA the Dual Timelines are an Explanation of what we Conccure into by going into the 4th to 5th density realms of expression and by with causal interpretations we can augment or descent into the other timeline which is justifiable by psychics and those whom are not evolving yess…. Concurrently the attachments found through allocations of what is in a standard halt or occultation through with experiences of the aboriginals which have bypassed the inertia of ammendable charts (The configurations for a well rounded off structured implementation). The way it functions they go into above by submersing below… So as above so Below the timelines are Dual Polarized in a south to north and east to west directive expression.

      If you can understand this it’s similar to a Reflection (Interpretation of delving deeper into cosmoses).



      • Hi Mar,
        Thanks for explaining. I understand better now. I had been taking the term dusl timeline too literally, thinking it was only 2, but now I realize you were referring to limitless, parallel timelines, etc.


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