An Update 5:55pm August 5th


We are working on new projects, concerning the channelings which have happened (Got written) since mid 2014. So to allow for better communications and capabilities, in what we find through “Disclosures” should enable us to view, and set on up, a proponent for the readers, In meaningful time (This may take time as the project is Large).

Complacency in the Structural codes for it to happen accordingly, what usually changes for us, while in making “Projects” as the Book which is also being worked on (Knowledge of Extraterrestrial Intelligences – Part 2). It’s informational scope is very “Specific” and Predefined in one way or another as a Guidepost and sort of “Postmortem” – In meaning, it is attributable to formulations of an advance scientific experiment or exposition which will help humans accentuate and accumulate the greater whole or totality – In the Works – Assembly which is predefined as a Large Projection Mapping for congruent nodes coalescing proprietor fabrics of the electric components of the universe and its many constituents. As by allowance on/of form 11-Three-23, the formulation of thoughts which had been extracted for prepositioned mappings (Conquered Mappings for Algorithmic chain Values – Of and Through Oppression) -/Suppression and other causes. The structural energetic grids which are working in alliances with the multiple cords of energetic engravings we may attribute towards, can help us stabilize proponents of the “Many-And Past Disclosures” which as I say, in the future (As we Say) there should be enough from us to enable a Good Group Charge / Effect / Postulation for the according “Parties” to give on out the right codes for our Ascension and from there on out – Pertaining to the secret space programs. People will begin to learn in easier ways (Functionalities) which is depicted in a Core Structural Commanding Force or Alliance if you want to see it as that.

Portended changes in the Fractal Activities which confines in the Generalizations of the Quantum Anatomical Inversions, – they are depictions of a Higher Structural Code (Energetic Imprint) which should help humans allocate the right formulations for our energetic modulations (Sub-Contemporized) by Initial Feedback Allocations (Transmissions) of what we contemporize in meaningful time, as parts and in totality – Disclosures will come about on a Greater attributable formulation, for DIRECT CONTACT EXPERIENCES which should help us alleviate the formulations of all the “Depressed Energies” running rampant on this Earth. Simply having a Choice by / With INTENTION to find about a particular core concept (Your Initial Role) can commend – Amend/Bring a Higher Attributable formulation of our exact prerequisites which lies Dormant sometimes as we acquire greater truths from the many venues (Possible flows of Informational grid Tracks) which we may delve Into.

So by allocating with the right structural codes for Implementations of thoughts – Through with visions for Manifestations by another. We wish you good Partials on Opportunities which may open up for you in the present moment and allow yourselves to bathe in a Truthful exemption of your Structural codes, for an energetic assembly Line (Assessment – In Tuning Up).

Namaste, Have a Great Day, We leave you in Joy!


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