Group Surcharge – “Longevity” (Fractal Components) -> Roles – Initiates DTF (Dual-Band Transcriptive Frequencies)


How do you come, to understand the effects of our energies, (Light Bodies), when we are in “Convoluted” processes, of an advance system (Assimulation)?

Amira: In retrospect, Mario, we are giving you the additional group charge(s) – Data acquisate Towards your known developments, for your energies to rise in “Concurrent” nodes … An Assembly – (Proponent of thought) – Actualized in Earnest by Individuals whom are having the same effects “Modulations” as depicted in here by “Your Initial Role”. Which can shift (Your Initial Role) many times, in effects (Concurrent) towards your life’s, many discrepancies. Which may or may NOT lie dormant within you (Yourselves).

Keep in GOOD MIND that we have allocated different peripherals from the “Accustomed” messages given on here. For you (The Readers) to adapt more truthfully to easier Conceptualizations of what can be causations of an ENLARGEMENT EFFECT (Raising Questions?) – Problematic Systems utilized for our well Being.


Mario, we want to give you on HERE an additional group charge effect of the modulations found through algorithmic factors in conscious exploration “Of the Universe” (And it’s many COMPONENTS). Liabilities and what not. The “Aforementioned” message is A GIVEN without any MISCONCEPTUALIZATION of OUR PARTS.

Have a Great Day Mario & Other’s, Goodbye!


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