Automatic Writing (Amira – Channeled Message)


Amira – Channeled Message by Mario

Hello Beings, we are here today to speak to you about prosperity. What kind of prosperity?

More so the effects of what we “Can Get” and understand from the basic fractal activities, which is disposed in us (Comes to Us) – Ratter on an Exponential basis, of the fractal Activity.

It is pre-disposed of accordingly, while-in the right effects for our modulations to gather on a higher presumption “Account” of what is foretold in the generalizations of conscious energy emitted within the confines of our generalizations found here.

Please dispose of this accordingly Mario. We wish to tell you how the basic messages has been accumulated from partials of a totalitarian grid construct (Structure) which abides from a Higher Transparency point. We allocated for you the right mentions of what composes these messages for you to gather at better times, what we accumulate through the channeled material.

By depiction of core groups of the selections of accounts found through dispositions of these words, we are leveling out the playing field of discourse for you to have at better times “Predispositions” of the higher Intel (Influx) of energies which are coming in – on a ratter higher basis (Proponent of Thought) and through with visions. The acquired structure for your lives ascent – Numerates processes of the initial fabrics of the Generalizations (Confines) of Inherited Knowledge found by disposing a large sum of knowledge found through allocations of data (As found Here*)

Predispositions of the higher Intakes – Are processed by initials of the advance modules which co-exists by adaptations of the Quadruplex – The submersible Quantum Thoughts – Dispositions of the Higher Flux Bandwidth. The core ATTRIBUTIONS OF THE QUANTUM PLATED ABNORMALITIES WHICH MAY BE FOUND IN THE INITIAL STRUCTURES OF THIS DOCUMENT IS FOUND TO FORETELL OF GREATER THINGS BY DEPICTIONS OF A HIGHER GUIDANCE (CHANNELS OF INCONCEIVABLE LENGTHS) of the informational downloads acquitted for beings beyond the veil.


We simply wanted to let you know that the AFOREMENTIONED MESSAGE WAS PURPOSEFULLY MAPPED OUT BY TELEKINETIC DATA (Acquisitioned) Towards your known confines of the generalizations found by predisposing contents in here.



A message from Amira – By Mario Arseneault



Amira: Hello lovely Beings, we are here today to speak to you about a particular concept, pertaining to what we had attained in the past. You see, where we come from (On the other side of the Veil) is “In good Mentions” of what people like ‘Mario can do while – Channeling – For those whom may not know.

And by the effects of what we want to portray to you, In these day’s we have assembled a new (The right) Numerical structure of our lives Ascent, in meaning – What we adapt towards with the probable energies gathered or read on out from the field (Oneness-Unity/Collective of Gaia).

Portended changes in this assembly has caused fractals in assessment for “higher” re-uptakes – Additionally this should not have happened Mario, but in any case, we want to let you know that the greater effects of our lives Dispositions (Where we are at and send on out – Emit) Frequency Wise – Vibrations. The energetic Core signature of Mother Earth, is gradually augmenting while we enter new areas in space. While the solar system is traveling in space at high velocity speed. The integral parts of what we assemble for you while viewing on out these messages, it has purposeful means to Drive (Give on Out) an assembly for You, in/with requirements of how we conclude.

It’s simply a way to allow us to connect on out (Send in) energies, which allocates by different things in Life, Activities whom you come in contact with and have conversations. More so we want to add that the effects of a Lower Energetic Drive can sometimes be good because of how (The Ungrounded Aspect of Being) May be in sorts how we can come to a general Anxiety or Submersibles – Thing’s which keep’s us Searching in other words (Going in Cycles) Until we get Centered Within Ourselves and Ground – Up to a Point where we can do an activity  “Whatever it may be” and add to it FULLY by being in your Bodies (Fully Anchored) – Integrated – And by then allow for communion with your Receptiveness, In meaning allowing for communion with beings beyond the veil by simply letting your thought’s go, and asking a question or so, to attain a Link to the other side, regardless this could be a deceased person or animal. In exchanges, what comes to you, Usually is/has greater partials of what we allocate for you on the other side of the veil. The more you Practice and discern from events which happen (Synchronicity) in any case, can show you or let you confirm – in a sense what their message was, even tho it sounds simply like your speaking to yourself (In thoughts).

Gradually to attain this state of being, we need to center and get cleared of all of the Minds “Programming” … Simply being Cycles of nonstop activity, (Which does allow the other side of the veil to tune into your thoughts and give {Let you Attract – In a sense} what it is – you are constantly focusing on or creating in your minds) – the chatter or so – questions, whatever it may be. I know some of you have good Visual Interpretations – Vividness in Imagery or Vision which may come to you within. These can all be encrypted from your side of the veil (Which sends on out) particular events – effects, for your Communion with us from the other side.

Namaste, we leave you in Joy! This has been Amira with a Message concerning the Veil and Grounding (In particular – Mechanics) and sub-sets required for a grander view, picture of what we can portray to you in these instances (For well-Being) and also – A beginning (In some cases) depending on who you are – and where you are sat at in your life and Spirituality (Level of Development).

Have a Great Day!

I added this Video, as it goes well with the message, They come in as Channels Sometimes (Help from the Higher Realms) The other side of the veil (In any case) the Veil is Lifted and has been a Long time Ago now – For some haha. :)


Razors ‘Edge*

How do you come to the Conclusion of “Precision”?

Razors Edge;


Enjoy! Just a Little tune up, When you don’t have much time, use Precision. The Razors ‘Edge* – Acuity in Formation of Altruism* – From Algorithmic Modules of the Interpretational States of Being.

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