Conscious Mapping

Abundant factions across this galaxy

Humans having accountants from this Earth in contact with technologies which are beyond are comprehension. What seems impossible is yet never there. Simply everything in existence is pertaining to some form of consciousness… Some measurable and some not.

Possibilities for contact are beyond are free will. We have what is needed to be in complete contact all the time. Simply not physically, but in a sense energetically yes, we are capable of connecting, realizing, augmenting and getting to what some term sacred space. In which the world all around us pertains to unusual activity condoning in times of greater processes which are enabled from delving deeper in cosmoses.

Developing freely on accountants, pertaining matters which help alleviate the formations of our known world ideologies. Perfection is one of some greatest desires in beings which are in search of the highest possible contact point.

The aftermath, which has portals to help us ascend or descend universal constants… Humans whom are in search through neutrality a form of meditation attainable by experiencing contact from awareness. Interactive and quite advance in some cases, metamorphosing potentials to augment our generic abilities,  either beyond or substantially close, in extensions attained from (Augmentation of our Awareness) *FOCUS*… Contact space is functioning either we want it or not. Keenly we are intact with some form of intelligence which abides all around us… More so deep within, we can find aspects of ourselves which connects to parts of space energetically. Given the sub set is true for EVENTS which is attained in Metamorphosing Awareness.

Pertaining matters are greater than the subliminal cords attached to our purposes… At will our known world ideologies, they are becoming known for some individuals while partaking in the highest grids available. Some contact is being made for purposes beyond the norm of factions across this galaxy.

We are one in attendance to supernatural things. Abundant in formations, technology which (imposes the greater chain of effects), undoubtedly (that we) have as these formations for multiple attendance and accessible routes denoting newer events and messages. Programs which allows us to advance in either partial or a totality, formations which allows us to experience something of a greater nature.

Simply, it is simple effects of the aftermath. Condoning energetic pathways (are developing) in humans which creates from the soul.

Channeling has formations of effects through concepts. Energy is emitted and carried on to others thoughts, there in which pertaining matters (Awareness) go on in subtle forms, after encountering such informational flows.

We give freely what is unattainable and without a doubt probable in manifesting some core constructs for abilities which help us evolve… It becomes an experience which allows us to advance further in our cosmoses. And individually the experiences are endless, what we term supernatural is very natural. Simply we understand it as something which may be supernatural. But in any case it’s beyond our known understandings of how our human brain works in its greater potentiality.

“We give you no more than you can handle”… This expression goes for security measures, what they term in those times may become some actualized thought forms which allows the vibratory state of a human being to develop at greater velocity. Thus forming some experience of a greater nature in all pertaining matters

The impossible becomes a possibility.

Without fear, this helps us become more of our truer selves, and in actualizing in excess some information or energy, we can then contend to question what seems to bother us and begin actualizing the processes which are needed for our minds to go through augmentations and delve into parallels which is information gathered on accountability of a surplus in reasoning which augments our realities to higher ignition points.

Ignition points are parts of ourselves in contending higher openings to symmetric alignments which are needed for contact space and technological advancements for what some term the event.

From Moments to Moments

Frequencies being adjusted in these instances, we say give about time to realize what kind/sort of frequencies we are speaking of while you tune into your surroundings. More so events interplaying the greater fabrics of our lives independently… We are having great challenges, internal changes, to adapt more freely, for these to come to fruition instantaneously. Partaking in the general wave, downloads, assimilation, co-energizes some aspects of our undulated minds, forming new interactions, in key (Players) compositions around the world… Simply by reselection of thoughts, moving energy in a way which controls, exceeds and gives about, a telemetric formation, for us to view, interpret, decode, and manifest.

Probability factors, where one of the many changes in how something which is inconceivable, may have become true to some individuals within moments of advances… Changes (Frequencies) by events, which even subliminal accountants could conceive of (Know) the general consensus of what those frequencies had as effects, momentarily, giving about a surplus of information, and or experience, individually, for transformations which implied some former training beforehand, to get to these parts, without changing, the known consensus, or agreement, of what these are for either by parts or in a totality.

Same goes for channeling, and eventually folks whom are having contact…. What is explained here as contact, is any form of energy, which comes to you momentarily or for a long amount of time, makes a presence known to you, through you, by eventually gathering moments of our thoughts within, to action out individually effects from eventual events occurring on the outside, interconnecting moments within our general context and actualizing/forming with accuracy, events which happens from our surrounding implications or from individuals, many times before they actually happen. This usually gets us to see or get into altered states, where we can work more thoroughly, with humans whom may have had subtle contacts, to achieve more probabilities, in what they may have thought as impossible or simply never knew about.

Mostly there are many ways of achieving contact, these ways are simple an effective once you understand the generated fabrics of (Beliefs), which allows for an “Interplaying” of events “as contact” to happen, if we are in moments, which allows the opportunity, for contact.

The general goal of contact is to shift our general direction, to attain a higher life purpose, and search, help, give about interplay, (Manifestations), for others to have information, as a surplus, in things which may have been kept under secrecy or not spoken of a lot. The more we get to know about these things, the easier it will be, to build up (form) a picture within, which helps us advance… See where we are in this whole system, what our role is, within those moments, and more so other moments, since it does change gradually when the picture itself, is many times limitless.

In saying, there are many different ways to view the same thing, but the angle in which we see it, changes the fabric of the story, it can be interlinked with other sides which you may have viewed, and this can create a newer picture, in a deeper sense, which could be explained as the spherical concepts, which some may talk about in these moments, while we are saying 5th dimensional, and 6th, 7th and beyond.

Moments of understanding what the functions of gathering the momentum for us to acquisition the greater picture, momentarily from what we may be doing, or what others (The Earth) may be for, with over 7 Billion individuals on it. And all the different technologies, and projects going on, altering the weather and holding out some information to see how we will adapt, or learn in the near future after they test some technologies which is advance and controls greater fabrics of what this blue sphere in space is for, in a system which is called this galaxy and universe with over infinite possibilities in what is already created and in works with many different factions all over.

The secrecy, the things they kept secret, as all the images on the dark side of the moon, with towers and buildings, more so what they seen when they landed on the moon in 1969, and what they seen while traveling to the moon from Earth, things in which they could not speak of because of some greater project going on altogether. Which is still currently happening with greater fabrics altogether.

A government within a government, which is extremely secret and in projects holding out information for the gradual attempts to drive this human experiment to greater lengths, dispositions, to advance us with or without moments of destruction, or harm, from factions outside this solar system, and others working in tantrum within secret operations, each individually having an agenda which predisposes some functions, of their lives purposes, in attempts to help us, get into a more advance, psychologically as consciously gathering expanding working in tantrum with our “Higher selves/senses” and telepathy, more so indefinitely, working to help us get to, greater life abilities, for adaptations of technology which may come out in the future, which can be carried on as some extremely advance systems…

More so we are on one planet, many have not explored what is on or within this planet, many still do not know what is truly possible since they may have never heard or thought of something in which could be working not only from this Earth, with this Earth, in other spaces, in the Universes. Plus we have differing dimensions, planes of existence which some utilize, for their ships or simply the technology they have as their suits or the modifications they did to their body (Avatar) in a sense which allows many new advances and possibilities, working with universal laws, or supernatural nature/order, which is energy from other spaces dimensions, manifest into this physical dimension, to create/send/help many individuated frequencies which are working in tantrum to universal vibrations which allows from their body, to interact with space in completely new ways, individually having as effects unimaginable feats in prospects created in momentarily concepts for us to ascend, attain as them, understandings to eventually bring about, a new anchor, for evolutionary steps, in all pertaining matters.

Exponential Growth Factor

What we term when we say some flows have been abolish, in simplicity this means we are now advancing on measures which connects the next perpetual constructs… Sections which help alleviate the previous sectors, (flows) which were needed for advances in our cosmoses, the process in which the information has connections to flow’s which are either deeper in processes or advancing some intellectual properties to GRinD venues for factions utilizing in prosperous effect’s on the intel which can become more to what we understand in these moments for correspondence in their own functions which may be in need or process of assimilation for conjunction nodes to evolve in adaptability to the information given in the sub sets which I have as predisposed information by quadrants set within for actualizations on many phenomena’s or processes which serves in a grand scheme of things, what some would term future contact modules or interactions with or without sub types of physical technology dependant on what they want to achieve momentarily… But the advances are all there for a purpose or another keenly igniting some flows and concepts for us to utilize or ponder on attain constructs or realizations which adapts from some internal brain activity concepts which alleviates or inter-disposes, advancing quadrants within the brain or our genomes cell functions DNA light body transmissions and more.

The Exponential Growth Factor is one of many parts in what we want to achieve as acquired in concurrent nodes adjacent to infinity concepts which helps in the predispositions which are enable or intact for correctional flux in our capacity to maintain accurate information or functions of our genomes abilities from adaptable concepts which helps structure or map out some intellectual flaws for advancements inherent from the nodes adjacent to infinity as some concepts from the previous messages which carried on codes to intergalactic beings, processing the information for accountability can then help devolve the factions in need of the intelligence which corresponds to advances in how we are doing, while attuning into contact modules and accessing informational flows by adaptations which corresponds to the intelligence which is coming out momentarily for some creational feats in postulations at other space in time.

The factions are glad to be in service to human development they want to see us excel we have potential for something in which would help greater feats in how the universe and dimensions are working momentarily. If this Earth is part of the last remnants of darkness… What is said: (to be “exempts” in formations) as for it’s not mine to adjust to.

Naturally what is transcript here or given as “numerals” exempts in factions across this galactic plane for advances in our own independent abilities which we can evolve and learn to adapt to the intellectual flows which may carry on codes for us to attain/attend to/with for eventual reaps in postulations and acquire what some may term culmination points either in energetic transcription or in factual stasis contemporary creation. What we term as stasis may be more than what they term stasis (What you can find on it) but simply the difference is not important as long as it serves its purpose in making the intelligence adaptable to what we want to learn in the future… While we term some things as stasis more so the ideas that come out may be needed intellectually from subtle immersions to shift accordingly to what we termed postulations gathered at 3’e’s… It’s simply 3 formal points of awareness from one singularity (meaning) so… What I know as parallels overlapping constructs by opening up the informational flows which carry on from processes within while your reading intellectually the processes that you can have in works within can help you understand from a system, as an overlapping (overlay) of information is drawn to you by reading the information… Hmmm simply the intelligence does not correspond (The overlay) is transcript in another time, but simply from that singular space, by opening up portals within you creating what I termed a vortex contact point which enables a lot of information which may be overwhelming at times to be integrated for adjustments to your timelines or predispositioned internal systems (Inner works) as you evolve for attendance in higher realms or more so Earthly realms but simply with adjustments to your genomes functionality for future TRIPs or transformations, actualizations, point on interactions, creations, development, interactions for advances without intactcity… Something which is being worked on in predisposed realms abiding in lower thought modules can have an excess in processes which works in higher contact modules or thought process which are utilizing in the background from actualizing intel which is keenly overriding the constructs (Old system) and changing it accordingly for faster reuptakes and more so eventual reaps in modulations and contemporary sectors, which enables parallels to begin or be enacted from vortex contact space/point.

At different causes in intellectual gatherings what may be proportionate to breaking points are in actuality some correctional flux being attempted on your genomes for actualizations of greater feats (quicker) postulations advancements (creations) realms abiding in constructs for momentarily adjustments in key players.

Interactions made at correctional flux may be a bit “dramatizing”, but it’s given for actualizations on processes, (measurements) for integrations in balance factors, acquisitions of the intellectual drives in correspondence to some of the activity from conscious kinetics by enacting worldwide some informational wave’s/correspondences in flux to your channelings/adaptations/coherency/management/intellectual drive/.

Simplistical anomaly for you to have at this moment. What pertains to an individual’s life if he/she is carrying codes for the ascension protocols/process? More so what happens to you if you carry codes for the ascension protocols?

Contact? Then or After? If so which and how? By simply being? Then we may advance in bits and pieces for you to understand some of the proportionate links in what ascension is in the first actualization of the word.

Carried on down from generations, simply it’s an going up as augmentation, which is universal, every being is in ascension when they are in what we have termed a process which is augmentation.

Augmentation of many things, ascension of our soul/mind/body, Earth, galactic, universal/dimensional… Some beings are simply waiting for the day in which we attain the same point in which they are at and with them achieve from a different configuration but similar point of development to advance to the next stage of development or simply what needs to be done, happen, for things to happen or become in the first place.

Maybe what some term time travel or some existences which carries on codes for the interdimensional beings adapts to/from us some possibilities in how this universe is in interactions with something which is very advance maybe so in a way we can connect to it if they adapt or we get to a certain point?

Decisions based on communication skills is temporary in how these things work, people experience and create, many things are possible so let’s advance some concepts in these moments to achieve something greater in the future.

Activity in space is always concurrent to our activity within, simply it’s forming gradual energetic bonds in how we have adapted a construct which utilizes the proportions of the intergalactic systems and what we have as neurons and pathways in the brain… Similarly it resembles what they found the universe to look like from a bigger picture. The concepts which are ingrained or interposed in our everyday life functions or inner processes more likely has perceptual exchanges in how we decode information in the first stage as when we were a child.

Our senses are adaptive, this may be what helps us learn what is needed when we are but a child/newborn, simply in effects its transformed and evolved in the future so we can get back to some of the senses or processes which were being ingrained/utilized/active in those times, while utilizing, growing, simply we want it to work within spiritual TRIPs as for the intellectual drive could not decode or discern what is true or false since the intellect (The fields) are made of constructs which we have attained in physicality (Manifestation) and this caused some senses to devolve from explicit advances which we carry on towards for greater functionality in the future.

Abolishing Flows

Perceptual matter(s), are missing from our cognitive dissonance, what we can remember from a gravitational pull, which seems to come about naturally in an outer escape route when we are achieving a higher guidance by perpetuated systems running on frequencies and other symmetrical uplinks to multiply our dimensional escape routes, what pertains to an undivided basis of reasoning in conquest to abilities (aforementioned) in a plethora of extensional realms achieved in experiences devolving attributes of a higher mind, which is simply a brain in its higher processing stages.

The body’s ability to give into some formations which have us accessing larger sums of information, brought up by emotions and other sympathised nodes adjusting frequencies in momentous flows derived off symmetrical analysis for alignments in fractals assessing neutral abilities.

Conjunction points are enabled in these for accessing larger sums of information, what pertains to individuals accessing a higher attributable form of intelligence through augmentations of our generic (transparency) what pertains to undivided forms of intelligence gathered for an inertia in our remarks made in the generic forms of transparency which holds keys to the augmentation derived off conscious awareness (remarks) which can frequently give rise to new venues by simply splicing the route by having an event as, subtle pain or usually something which is unexplainable come about until you expand on the possibilities of said events which are carried on in formations as we adjust the fields for momentum to bring about an excess in how we will pertain to individual augmentations in the near future for generic constables, which should be integrated after some focus is given into formations as these, simply transcriptions or substantial channelings in pertaining fields which have us wondering where these may be achieved, as (potential) in remarks which helps us see how this Earth has us in many places at once by grids disposing information in computers and such. Viewing the content from multiple places have effects graded on scales which transcodes information from generic transcriptions in our minds, by simplifying, technologies exist which have many routes in experiences which enables us to understand how the higher grids (Satellites and such) have exponential features in how these may have become about, throughout experiences which we had working progress with frequencies and some technological processes which were working with our consciousness. These are ongoing, simply it’s attained as substantial properties of individual accounts which they work with individuals having attained higher proportionate links to constants which are achieved by decrypting grid type ratios from frequencies playing out generic transparent modules in accessing individuals consciousness and allowing us to achieve a higher transcription process/module.

Emotions are adaptable, simply having processes which would allow us to become emotionless we would be a one type graded being in progressions on experiments derived off an inertia of activities confining the general set up of our beings internal core system, which would be processed for information which quadruples the cores extensions for aboriginality within the confines of space exploration programs, by guiding us to something which seems unimaginable. Simply doing research, can give us good statuses with the ongoing processes which are derived from individual accounts while they work with a plethora of individuals, as the sun and many other systems as the weather “as other activity” which can influence (space) in general as matter is vibration, co-extensional realms are achieved by simply allowing a splice in the generic forms of awareness, by altering the vibrational frequencies which we are carrying through multiple realms across this Earth by systems as the higher grid which is composed of satellites, that may become possessive in the near future for constants and analysis in individual experiences. As NSA monitors a grand amount of data, from activity which derives off internal grid systems and proponents of our minds, by allowing research phenomena’s in secret space programs which may not be so secret as information gradually gets out and potentially the information which gets out is kept in generic time scales which simply the ongoing phenomena’s has been active since 1800’s, simply with all that has happened some things are reaching pretty far ahead in the future from events which have been altered from UFO’s and other technologies which allowed us to experience dream like phenomena’s in excess of technologies which are supressed and kept secret as for maintaining control and a simple system for groups of beings which could be called the breakaway civilisation can keep up with progress which allows patents and other technologies to come and go as needed.

Intel on Secret Space Programs and the Breakaway Civilization can be found here.



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