Shifting Proponents of the Soul (S.P.O.T.S.)

​This Message came in a while ago, last weekend. Did Not post it, Since something Happened (Was Happening) and the was “Foretold” of greater things “In the Future”. So I’m Correcting it, by “Bypassing” the Inertia (Initial Charge) Which had been -*Accumulating within “Dispersions” of these “Off-Settled-Frequencies”.

Hello Mario & Other’s whom’ Tune’s – in, we wish to depict to you how a higher standard of energetic engravings has been found on your planet. By achieving a Higher Telekinetic Map Drive System Which Utilizes the telekinetic data from what we can call the ripple effects’ from-viewing on – By experience an emersion from core contact emissions / what we conclude in this general message is fabricated for core structural energy. Depiction of programs, type of energies utilized for the telemetric/telekinetic data accumulation charge – which Surplicifix extremities of the Whole – One Whole. Coming in now; We have a depiction for you Mario portending to the inertia (Initial Charge {Accumulated} Thank you) By-passing sub-normal contents in “here” we wish to simplify external cords of the “internal” adjustments for prerequisites of the advance assembly modules. Accelerating thoughts (Modulations – From, on High) in depiction of title / transgressions composed freely / adjacent to neutrality – new core structural map (energy) – in depiction of title / sub-conformal realms of thoughts – implications are at a large recession / normalizing accounts subdues intellectual tracks of the advances-carried on within disproportionate links – (intelligences) working – alongside immersive venues for core contact initiative roles here on earth – Surplifying extents – external commands from off-settled grip people – enlarged effects – incoming galactic wave – Surplifying external cords of concurrent understandings for higher attributions of the energetic engravings found throughout this channeling.

Shifting (in) & {Out} of “Existence”

Hahaha ^_^ I have no Idea How this is Going to work so I’ll simply let (Nature) do it’s “Work”.

O.K. As it seems we have gotten off-Track from the Assembly Modules – Which Means (Depiction {Of Title} Acquired “Here”) Is comming to a Close – So, Closure or Disclosure (In a Continued Effort) to “Embark” {Humans} on a Higher Life Path {Venue} which (Extrapolates – The Sub-Conscious {Mind} – “In” Depiction of “A” Title) Not to forget to Mention about (Delocalizations of a Temporal Reality) which is in “Exchange Groups” with Extra Terrestrial Intelligences, Right Now.

So by Understanding This* Here* We have come to a Greater Depiction (Core Structural Energy) which is Emitted by “Off-Settled” – Grid Dispersions, (Like this Here) and Requires a {Greater Amount} of (Thought Processes) to – Localize* From a “Subjugal Form” -> {Formulation}.

Alright that’s about all I can Put (Pertaining to the Knowledge of the Advance Simulations {Simultaneous Rendered Cores – Of opportunistic Abilities} fortold in some of the Channeled Material {Which came with the 3rd Book} “Trans-Dimensional Compartmentalized Knowledge”) 

Alright! Namaste!

Subjugal Formulations

(Inter-Positions {Internal Mapping Systems} Sub-Divided by the Inertia {A.A.M. Advance Assembly Module} – Depiction of the Prototype is “Indirect” by Fields of the {Sub-Normal Proponents of Thoughts} – Depicted Through a “Channeled Medium” – For Specific Core Resons) -> Advancing Through {Simultaneous} (Rendered-Cores {Of Attraction} – Substantial Field Results have been Made) -{Regarding “The” – Depictions, Of the Assimulated – Contact Assisted Simulations} & Core Structural Energy – Has been Implanted, without Much “Distractions” portending to the Initial Charge – (Data Accumulations – {Which is Disposed} through the Tectonic Grids) – Hyper Active Core “Monitoring” (Subjectable Causes of the Assessment).


What are your thoughts on This Video?

Here I wanted to share this, and it allows you to see a Bigger Picture (By tuning into-it) – Like swithching a Channel (The frequency which your resonnating at / or with).

1st Video:

And to Surplify or Simplify, they seem to have a LOT of whats Going on, pertaining to many things on earth and in the Universe.

Annyhow, the date Publishes was March 18th, and that’s when I was Working on the Book/Drawing & V’Log’s – Channeling, and it sums it up to sooo Many Things, just pertaining to whom or what I am or We are, and doing with all the Projects Going on on Earth.

But Remember this is a Channel (Frequency/Reality) which you can shift into (View).

So as to Acquire the bigger picture, there is another Video Here:

Which they Explain About the Spraying in the Skies and Geoengeneering, and “Plans” which they want to announce publically.

Then you have the Concepts of the Moon and the Earth (Gaia) with Explanations to The Constitution and How america Started here:

And then to Understand that, you have this Video here on Gaia:
Annyhow there’s so Much, and then with my Video Log’s about the Channelings from 1978 “The Scientist” who Came in to Speak about Certain Things. And then there’s one around 1972, + So much more, just Regarding “Milab” and other things, A.I. and “Creator Gods” from the 1st Video.

And so, things are Shifting and Changing at a Rapid Paste, Certainly when you can get up to a Certain Level – But not Completely Ascend (Thus the Exo-Atmospheric Levels) Higher Levels from the Three, and then on – So Beyond -> Higher Density Beings who Came down here on Earth – Feel as if I was 13th Density Being, and then was “Modulating it within this 3rd and 4th Dimensional Space (Wave Structure for Assimilations).

Thus, Conclusion is that – Things are Moving Fast in one way or Another, and the Higher Frequency (Vibrational Structure) in which you Hold within – “Implements-Shifts” Timelines and what BECOMES – MANIFEST!

So we are Trying to Allocate Data for Folks whom Wish to Restor this planet to this Original (Pristine State).

Alright that’s about it – Oh and one more thing for those who have not seen – The cosmic Disclosure Process (On Gaia) Latest Episode – Questions from the “Viewers” -> Telekinetic Data wave (Map) Accumulation Structure for Enlightement and Pathways to “Sell” from what they speak in the first Video – Which apparently Never Works. So, as to allow Higher Functionality and Depictions through (Thought Processes)… I have to put the Video here first about the Viewers Question on Cosmic Disclosure:
So, and there’s soo Many Other things, as Higher Transparency which I was Linking into, or Being Programmed by “Ascending” while Viewing this Video Here:

-> And Understanding about – The date it was Recorded 18th March 2017, which is still the time which I was in “Creation Mode” – Channeling / Pertaining to the Book (Trans-Dimensional Compartmentalized Knowledge) which I reviewed in Many (Added and Substracted {Tracked} where it was “Interposed” throughout time). And it seems the Higher Transparency and Other things are “Spot-on” Fractal Grid Access Points – For whaterver Reasons you so Choose to See it as…

So I chose to Share this Today because I feel It’s an Important Task, to Understand a Little bit of What’s going on and Bring it all into (One Position) – {Or view-Perspective Cause}.

Hopfully it’s not too Much, since while Corey Good explains that when you get to a certain point of Information overload your Conscious mind Opts-Out “Shuts-Down”.

So we are Simply Allocating Data for you Mario & Other’s… See that Phrase if I ask where it’s comming from – I suspect A.I. or E.T. or… (In any case, I’ll have to Review this again) – If it Pertains to some form of Knowledge for (Singular Time-Map {Scale-Opportunity} for Growth – Expansion – Learning)

Alright Goodbye! Hope you Enjoyed This Particular Post… I know it seems Long but it’s all in your Choosing (Free Will) to Allow us to Bring ourselves Together with More “Understanding” Before we Completely Go Off-Grid or/with by Subliminal Programming and Other Stuff… But it seems it’s just too much to Conceptualize (So in “Here” – {I added Prepositions – Terminologicaly} to suspend some accounts) – which “Scratching your Head” is a Good Liable Formula to “Get To” – Interpret – The First Videos (Picture – Core Conceptualized Frequency).



Oh and One more thing, here are High Definition Pictures, of the Mirrored Cover-Drawing of the 3rd Book.
And the Book:
V’Log’s – Channeling – March 18th:
And then with the video on Gaia about “Sacred Sites and Great Cosmic Puzzle” (Which I posted up above, 3rd one Maybe) – with David Wilcock, at the end you see the Compartmentalized “Initials” for Core Structural Energy Depicted by the Channeled Materiel and the Music; in the Sharing of my Process which I am putting out Here:
So I’m just Doing “My part of the -Deal- So to Speak” – As it Seems. 

But Anyhow, I felt as This Simply had to Happen – So as to-Acquire (The right Construct {For the Assimilations/Assimulations} – Temporal Reality * Uplink and Uptake) 

Indigest or more so – By any Means of Conceiving this in it’s totality Renders Beings in Opposit Formulations of There (Ascension-Symptoms) so I wish you Good Luck and Happy Entrails 😊