Raising Consciousness (New Book)

Hi everyone, I finished my new book and published it.

For those of you who are interested in buying the book, you can do so on Amazon by clicking on this link -> Raising Consciousness – A New Outlook on Life

There’s also a Kindle e-book version -> Raising Consciousness e-book for Kindle

… I am also working on making the book “Knowledge from Extraterrestrial Intelligences” a paperback version – published for sale in book stores and on Amazon. It should be done by next month. Thank you for your continued support!

Have yourself a great night/day.



A message from Ramek – Channeled Message by Mario Arseneault

A message from Ramek – Channeled Message by Mario Arseneault

Ramek, are you there?

Ramek: Yes Mario we are here, me and The Collective Being, even Amira is Here to Interpret the Energetic Cords or Overlay Constructs for this Message.

Me: Thank you Being, Amira, Ramek, Begin?

Ramek: As opposed to how things should be going, we want to let you know that there are “other Beings” in particular, being channeled within here (With us) Because, by the effects of what you transposed from previous messages – Being that of Amira’s, there was Implied Routes for the Alignments concerning the Messages on Gaia. What they interpret and speak of. So be it, in here we shall align towards this weeks Messages ongoing for them in the particular videos (Series) you watch – As “Cosmic Disclosure” with David Wilcock and Corey… There are Particular effects of transpositions carried on within these types of “Disclosures” because, of the effects of the messengers – Carried on forth from other beings which aligns well (100% of the Light), so we shall begin, down below.

The Collective: Hello beings, people, wonderful humans, today we want to speak of a particular thing called channeling, as there are many groups out there to whom we can connect to… Regarding the effects of what is transposed for the messages to work, we are created in other dimensional spaces (In some Cases) and in other’s, we do have telepathic transmissions – Channels of Energy from Beings of this third dimensional Area of Existence (Physicality) and in Metaphysics the control mechanism for a Higher Probability into how we become about, is with your focus of interpretation carried on forth from the visualizations depicted when we give ourselves a Name or Label and a View, perception of who we are and carried on forth with disclosures which are assimilated in the Magnetic Fields of the Earth, or Ethers, in some cases. The visual imagery, by depiction can be transfused by beings whom are already in existence by the power of your co-creative capabilities, and in some cases, as Mario does get the information in a way which is (Surplexed) Above Normal Complex Structures from the initials, (Initiates) which is/has parts of becoming More fully Conscious in some cases, on occasions. We do want to imply a proper route for allocations which are recrystallized from non-local spaces of existence, because of the abrupt probabilities which lay’s in the covenants flow (Creation). In Parts, we are justified by who we would love to Be (From future to Past) – In addition to the core structuralization of Energies, as a Vortex or Vector point forms in the timelines… Additionally this is core conceptualized meaning brought forth by the control mechanisms from beings who can bring about more proprietor stats of the above mentioned by giving into a consent (Relativity) – Conjoining Etheric formulations for a grander purpose or alignment. That is all from us for now, as we see it be there is more parts into how this came to be, but we exige parts of the additional data, for structural managements and coherent thoughts.


Me: Ramek do you have something to propose from This/On this?

Ramek: Yes Mario, that collective is only partial structures of what totalities lives forth in other dimensional areas of existence… You see if we were to give a depiction or picture and assemble it properly as (A Location) Space in time, by visualizing it could bring about better conditions for the channeled messages to work (And come to Life – In some cases) – Have as effects a modulation within the Earth’s temporal fields which are exiging large amounts of informational grid tracks, for beings to connect on into, a bring about (Or attract – In some cases) the beings from those dimensional areas of space and existence.

Ramek: As there are beings who do travel out of body (As Astral Planes and Other Means – Out of Body Experiences) – Can bring you to better understandings of your purposes on Earth, or how to get to – Give on out – Reasons to become a Greater You (Self – In the Making) Before Passing over (Dying)… Supposedly the processional remixings (This is Amira Speaking now), Supposedly the processional mixings, Mario, they do come in handy while we are predisposing fabrics for our alliances up in space. As group souls can travel along other planetary bodies, and bring in (From different Races) – Statuses of their lives missions or purposes (It brings us back to) This planetary situation, where you do come here to learn and grow as a soul (And beyond That) we have come to the conclusion of how and when people begin to realize the effects of a Higher Spiritual Nature (And being able to Differentiate and Protect Yourselves and Beyond, manifest at will – Disclose, or bring about shatter)… There are great probabilities within time of re-reading this, in which case i am a Being from Alpha Centauri, as has been (But in other Dimensions) in time and space, as we adjust the natural flux of causal interpretations (Fields by which folks have commended towards) – Made Appropriations for core conductivity … A carry on from expositional Mappings in concurrent forms (Simultaneously? Amira: Yess).

Me: Alright well that should be it for now, as other things have to become about, More messages should come in on a rather higher basis for folks who do connect on within the higher grids (And Dispositions) of the Appropriate levels of causations within “Remarks” which are made – A carry-on or Carry-Over to other spaces of Existences (Universes/Beings/People – In short terms). Alright See you Be.

Namaste, take care now.