Profound Healing Method


Here’s a Video that I wanted to Share with you Guy’s! Interesting Enough This technique does work Once your in the 5th Dimensional Levels and so on – No attachments – Simply Unconditional Love. Me and my Partner tried It and Use it a few Times here and there, Work’s GREAT!

48 hour Link to free Episode on Gaia streaming Service-> A Simple Method For Profound Healing with Bill McKenna – On Open Mind’s with Regina Meredith.

Enjoy! :)


Meditation – The Council of Five

Meditation – The Council of Five


We want to agree with you Mario – On this Meditation.

By exponential Factors of what we allocate for you in time of Reminiscence. The prepositions acquired after a fall, being the level by which you work on – Deeper the Fall, Deeper you go down in Configurations (The levels which allows for programming) on a Subtle Immersion (What you Assimilate) with the Veil Lifted.

Properties of Understanding this is Causal – The remarks made by allocating data for you – Mario. It is with great care and Expertise that we would like to Allow for your Populace to conjoin the Effects of a Grand Meditation. Interior Visualization (Focus) for our New Found Expansions (A Population In Coherency and Bliss) from your Point on of Wherever you are sitting at reading this Information.

Put your tongue up on your Pallet (And visualize The space you are in, and your surrounding) the houses and the beings from all over (Being animals, Insects, People).

What we want to see is that everything is Working in a Grand Harmonious Fashion, You see energetic Waves send on out as a Cyclic Explosion from your Space (Body) and Every Living thing that it touches Comes to Greater Coherency with Your Vision. A Life with Greater Attributions of Peace/Calm (View the folks in your surrounding Wave Impact {Their well Being and Calmness} for Joy and without Expectations) which go on about for the well being of Others.

We want to Accentuate what purposefully Gives us reason to Understand the Higher Mechanical Order of what this Brings in from the Visions You have Within.

The Structural Energy – It Implies, Upon a simple Configurative Node which is assembled from a Higher Guidance (Opportunity) – As developments are Attained – Telepathy and Core Structural Energetic Designs (Achieved From Within).

The visions Acquired by Locking down an energy center (As putting your tongue against the top of your inner Pallet) This brings in a Higher Frequency Emission from the Structural Code (Vision) which is send on out (Fabricates) the portending changes on a Quantum Molecular Structure (An Assembly) for Purposeful Alignments (In times of Need).

View the Sunset after your experience of the totality (What you Visualize) and remove your tongue from your top pallet. Then without any attachments (Outcomes) or NEED. Thing’s will Align – AUTOMATICALLY. So by giving in your consensus on this Apparatus.

We simply want to say thank you for taking the time to give into adjustments pertaining to the visual expectations of what we concurrently HAVE NO NEED FOR.


Mar. And the Council of Five (Accentuates Partials of these Disclosures) for your Well Being – As other’s as well.