A little Video on the Pineal Gland

Here’s a Link to 48h Video of a Greater View or Expansion (Reminder) on our Interior to Exterior Connections in Multidimensional Way’s – The Third eye.




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Structural Code (Internal Assembly) – Fractal Access


Internal Components, derivatives, off of cellular grid tracks. The Aboriginal Contents found in here, is from preamplified Processional Remixing, from congruent nodes, within internal assemblies. Justifications of what these prepositions can mean, in times, by remembering the core structural energetic grids which disposes telekinetic wave modulations, is contemporal within dissociative links of the aboriginal factions, Fractals, in compartmentalized knowledge associative from dismembering members of beings who allocates at different fields (Peripherals) of expertise in notational, exports.


What’s Wrong

What’s Wrong


Where not working on your side anymore Mario. We wanted to tell you about the many displacements which are held in congruent formulations in what was foretold to come… Being the Depiction in it’s core structural compound(S). Mutually the adverse effects of Adding Up from the Aforementioned Messages… The precon-textural Mappings in depth (From Analysis) where portraying in the exact opposite forms of what you were in requirement of… So by standards of how we find things to coagulate at better exports (Expositions), we continually depicted (Made a Depiction) in contournal ways to help you assemble what was appropriate for the moments being (The present Moments) and so on – By disclosures in their “Peripherals” – (Visions). What was foretold to come where in-depth by analysis, portraying simultaneous advances in corporeal statuses, of beings whom utilizes the telekinetic displacements held ingrained (Engraved) through Dualistic Principles of Thoughts. Accumulating Higher Disproportionate Energies (Links) in attendance to Modules which extrapolates towards what we have condoned Upon within here (Disclosures).

Namaste, that is all for Now, we bid you Farewell.