Processional Remixing from Logarithmic Fractals

Processional Remixing from Logarithmic Fractals


Partial grid structures have been mixing (Enabled) from a Logarithmic Fractal Accessible compartment. Neutralized energetic Modules have been exchanged. The summed-up amount of retrospection needed for our core conjunction Unit (In terms of) the logarithmic fractal has by “an” assessment been Incriminated by duplicated core assessments (Adjustments pertaining to Disclosures/Partial disclosures). The summed-up amount prospected views (Prospections-/Exchanged) through numerous group types of structures here on Earth. Human beings have abided from perpetual rituals in constructus which shifted by a preposition (Predisposed fabrics -/ Mapping) acquired for core conductivity (Our conduit). The subliminal Impartitions enclosed (Conclured) in-By effects of predispositions is additional within the core-conjunctional systems – Liable by Ingrained dualistic Principles or Idealistic principles of thoughts which accentuates/accumulates over undulated attachments (Core attachments) by the effects of the engraved proprietor “Masking” which is additional within the group charges (Surcharge-effect).

Predispositions found within the logarithmic fractals is additional within core-structural energy (Synapses) which can conclude by effects what is predisposed in an inherited grid (Group) assembly from the core structural compounds (Energetic engravings).

That should be it for now.


Internal Assessment (Protocol Adjustments) pertaining to disclosures


Assembled proprietor grids have aligned properly Mario, we have duplicated core assemblies for fractal accesses which are made beyond by congruent nodes, coalescing indifference’s of galactic beings (Channels) of Informational Downloads and Multiple Alliances (Up-links).

More so… We want to say the the aboriginals have bypassed the inertia of amendable routes for coagulation’s (Comportions of the Initial “Surcharge of Data” -/Accumulation points for extractions and what not). Having said by this we compose freely with numerated grid scriptures which are additional within the compartmentalized realms of associable energetic Transcriptions … Consciousness Wise. The assembled proprietor fabrics which devolves around the known world corporeal statuses of beings whom allocates data in “Different” partial Structures of the Accountability (The core Structural Command/Alliance Grid) by duplicating energetic assemblies. We seem to have compartmentalized from initial fabrics of dissociated energetic “Banks” – Allegations contemporized from the core structural energetic “Imprints” it’s processional remix has cause a Large Fracture “Assault” Occurrence of Thoughts, by mapping out the congruent nodes which exists by simple measures of the Quantum Fields (Structured Assemblies for Enlightenment). It is simply a justifiable way to say, Lend a Hand – On occurrence of what we need to Come to find on our own perpetuated grid Structures for higher accountability.

The generalized points of Transgressional Impact Lines which coalesces the Dual Timelines are associative and Dematerialized focus of Being causes an interpretational state (Status) of our Shifting from one to the Other, As is in-By-With depiction of a Title (Turn around group concept Assimilation) that we postpone this message for greater reputability (What we conceive through a Numerated Extensional Guide Post) the synchronicity and what not is a Good Governor of sorts, while we make partials of a Extra-Terrestrial Alliance, Channeling is causal from the internal components which lies through the congruent nodes of the assemblies, …. Mario, If you want to take part in the many disclosures, remember that the inertia of amendments causing extra-sensory perceptions in Other beings who is From the Other Timeline. The dispositional causation’s acquired after coming in close contact with those that have attributions (Direct Contact / Core connectivity – A medium/Experience – Conversion) It’s by simplified terms that we have allocated the right structural codes for internal assessments to begin in other beings whom have chosen partial grid structures of the totalitarian (Sub-Structuring) Core Assets.

Subliminal Impartations is the right know configuration for our core conduit, which is assembled from far back in time and by dematerializing a focus – Of interpretative states of Being (Within) we can come to greater conclusions in the messages main “Transponding” Occurrence to say the Least – without effective causes of loosing our Well Being (Managed State of Heart and Brain/Soul telemetry) – Neutralizing Concords of the Negative impacts we may find through forceful demands of the Internal programs which have been held on this Earth (Or simply developed). By training programs we can initially bring them to a Halt (The Programs) which sub-structures initial data within our genomes interior processional remixing (Acquiring the right structural codes for supreme Codex Lineage) – Of star Beings and Also the Galaxies, they are pre-purposed assemblies formulated for the exact core grouping (Command structured) for our alliances to Multicade from multiple places in time what we conceptualize in these Instances Mario and Other’s.

We leave you Be, Have a Good day, filled with Joy and Wonders, we hope to come in contact with you again Mario – Justifiable terms utilized in here may be (Become) abundant in the future understandings (What we require/Acquire) for core connectivity (Our conduit).

The rising Sun – Channeled Message (Amira) 2017-07-18

The rising Sun – Channeled Message (Amira) 2017-07-18


Hello everyone, This is Amira Speaking. I wish to convey to you, of how the effects -/regardless of what oppositional Timeline you may had been on. Having attributions (The compartments – Knowledge/Understanding) from the effects of these energetic transcriptions (In these day’s). The purposeful effects of gathering – for accountability, the substructured components of beings who has liable initiations (Compartments – In Knowledge/Understanding) which comes in over again by saying… We thank you Mario for taking part in these messages – as others also, since the perceptual causations of what we can acquire in here, is / has a shifted proponent of our thoughts (Accelerating) the processes which are causations/Liable formations of the timelines which are coming together for 3d and 5d Earth Realms of expression/Experience.

The subtle proponents of this conduit Amira is channeled by beings whom localizes from perceptual causes of an aggrandized retrospection (Interior Analysis) so to have better assets (Conditioned Mappings) by congruent nodes of the assembly modules. We would say, have a Great Day, In your developments to understanding the general messages which are coming online momentarily. You see in the Future Re-reading these forms has acquittable formulations by which we can concur after saying (Having seen / Been exposed to an Event) which is causal interpretations of how we get to Understand an Overlaid energetic transcriptive frequency assembly. Upon this particular disclosure (Way of Disclosure).

It’s a probable guidance attenuable – Exchanged by beings who works in your congruent nodes (Assembled Proprietary fabrics) for evolution of our soul compounds in a Generic (Through a Generic Script) ->Process which is achievable to go in and above the bridge of multidimensional progressions. For-/With the use of beings whom are already over enabled (Crossed Over). And by contemplating on this particular thread. You will come to learn of the effects of where we transpose in time. As allocations of our whereabouts is seemingless – A counter-Active form of a Transgressional Impact Line – For submersible realms of thoughts in Initiates. So by attending on a Numerous Processed (Coming back to these forms) allows for a Higher Conduit from Adepts and then so on, for a Localized sub-structured proponent of how we co-create AT LARGE something which seems impossible to conceive in the 3rd Dimension. So to conceptualize all of this. Coming to greater terms with it Mario and Others. We – Me and Ramek will help guide you towards (In the day’s to come) for those of you who needs it – Ramek says. And by contemplating on the energetic grid scriptures of the allocations founded upon your Earth’s Tour Genome Switch’s – Partial Totalities of the Entire Grid system would become about from a Localized Templated held Upon/Within your Earthly Realms by abiding through a Higher Transparent Module. We can come to find the exponential features of how (This Here) will coalesce in the future proprietor grids of an Advance Assimulation of Thoughts.

Contemporizing here. This notion should have changed the core structural energetic implants (Implantation) which construes by initial downloads, what we acquisate upon disclosures of a ratter (On a ratter) exponential Basis for Higher Conduits (Connectivity) to Similarities / Singularities / Synchronizations. Prospections – Exchanged through localized groups of the internal assessments made beyond the exo-atmospheric variations, are a “Carry-On” component of thought which allocates from satellites -/An uplinking to Universal constants (Measures of the Ground Surcharge) – From Algorithmic Wave Factors, modulations of Contemporal stopping points.

Namaste, We leave you in Joy, Be at One.

Ramek & Amira.

Amira on Dispositional Fluctuations (Correctional Flux) – Intake points, for Assemblies

Amira on Dispositional Fluctuations (Correctional Flux) – Intake points, for Assemblies (July -18 2017)


Processes are acquitted for beings of higher Remaps – The core structural energetic Line assembled from proprietor fabrics of the Alliances we have here over in Alcavesh… Normally the perceptual causation’s of our whereabouts Mario, can be given on occasions by a singular conceptualization (A point in Time) which is achievable by telemetry (telemetric systems) which are Liable for structural synapses. Looking alike – Telepathic Formulations which is the exact oppositional forces of contact assisted Modules which exists by co-creating a reality with beings of other dimensional areas of existence. The processes Utilized for our Core Conduit (Connectivity) is made from Liable structures of hyper imperative routes which are the undulated formulations (Attachments) of our Core Groupings C.G. which is the equitable system – Localizing from pre-propositions. The exact core attributional Impact line which lies through concurrent nodes of the assimilated frequency emissions. Carry on Discharge (An assemble “Product”) from fractal Accesses which is the equivalent value – form of congruent formulations for hyper conductive agents. The subtle proprietor fabrics of an algorithmic wave value, for inquisitorial mappings in sub-structured core systems which utilizes telekinetic data on an aboriginal basis (Nature/From nature of Our Beings).

Core structural Energies which are emitted from off-Grid Cellular tracks (Modulations of Coherency) construes an assembled fractal proprietor grid track – allocating from submersible realms of thoughts in humans whom localizes perceptualizations of accountability which is the generalizations of a Higher ordeal (Structured Implementation) with the usage of Intent – At Large. Processes acquitted for beings of a Higher contour* Structured core assembly, lies through Leveling out the playing field of discourses, which subtly brings about coherent order in factions (Factious demands of) and by disbelief, the perceptualizations (Causational Relapses) of the Acquittable formulations for counter-active sub-sets – Which is the initiation point (Trigger for Submersible Assets/Assertions being made). The localized proprietor cord which is attached by a Localization of a Temporality, sub-structures the accountable forms of our Generic Life Scripts here on Earth. So in simple terms by the effects of coagulating memorable extensions of Core conductivity (Crystal Intakes) the processional Remaps (Recap) accessible through Transgressional Routes, has by all means deviated core structural energies in accountable formulations of thoughts in human beings whom are in this Earth’s “Laboratory” experiment. Which is causations of how we conclude on some senses of being, the algorithmic factors of the undulated modulations (Attachments) – A carry on from repurposed fact demands of a Duplicated core view (Assessment of Natural / Universal Order) for complacency – Aligning perpetuated grid functions or rituals in a Quantum Looper. Which is the sub-Structured assemblies by which you had co-created in time (@2012/December on GalacticFreePress). So the Updatable charts of energies utilized in earnest by contemplating from a core structural energetic Implantation POINT is the assembled fractal properties of beings utilizing a telemetric system capable to Uphold SOME but not ALL Generalized Points of Conscious Energy.

So to Understand this Mario & Others, The generalized point of frequency emissions send on out by Me, Here – On this Occasional Read, is that the processes are acquittable from formulations of the Interior (Sub-structured Cores) in Human Beings – As consciousness works flawlessly by localizing temporary agents (Which are the Ritualistic matters of associations from contemporal stopping points) – Achieving greater clarity and Light through Structural Synaptic Nodes (Core assemblies/Numerating hyper dimensional Energetic structures for Interior nodes to coalesce by Indifferences) – Sorry Mario, a being has localize in attempts to Numerate Processes in this Form (Formulation of Contact). So to give on out our consensus (Reasoning Impartial Belief Structures) for Managements of the Allocations found in all perpetual Ritualistic Fields (Co-Created by Human Beings). We have come to find about an enormous leap in telekinetic exchanges (Fractal accessible Compartmentalized Knowledge) from derivatives of a Quantum Core Allegation Unit “System” comprising -/Allocating from submersible realms of the many Contact Points in a Fractal Oppositional Structured System of Conscious Energy in Expression through the Human anatomies. Normally by these gradual implementations of the core structural synaptic nodes for congruent assemblies, would look like an Initial charge of data from perpetrated states of a Sub-structured core alliance. Which is the key components – derived off of a Singular scope (Perceptual Field – In grid Tracks) Accessible by Normalizing accounts of beings who Duplicates the structural Messages – held accountable by formulations of our Thoughts IN dispositions as These.

So least to say Mario & others, the effects regarded within this channeled material should come up as no surprise. Since the singular perceptual causational relapses acquired after coming online and finding about messages which aligns energetic modules in human beings on a Sub-Structured Core processional “Mixing”. It’s the same as the DNA Downloaded Charts (Energetic Emissions) transforming through a Localized sub-structured Asset (A being who holds in a Vision/Visual Interpretation with energies Liable for – To give Manifest -/Effect Matter). Prepositional Mappings in the Acquired structural codes for Synaptic Nodes to coalesce by a greater attributional Link to beings who have partaken in “Secret Space Ports” we seem to give on out some of the “Above-In and” localized processional Impact Lines for our Conduit (Continuity) here on Earth, from Alpha Centauri. Remarkable exchanges have been made by traversing the sub-components of the allegations found through multiple alliances of thoughts (A command group) justifiable by excerptions of the Quantum Singularities depicted in a Book for Transgressional Impacts (Impartial Grid Structures of an Aboriginal Synapse).

We wish you Good Luck in finding the Occurrences of Synchronicities which lays through all concurrent formulations of the adaptable alignments proposed on your Earth for Guidance an in Above the Fractal Superimpositions (A Carry on by Localizing perpetual Rituals) In agreement forms with the justifiable excerptions of a Higher Vibratory state of being.

All is well, We leave you In Joy, Be at One.