How do you get answers?

This here will be a Small Automatic writing, with some Art – Kaleidoscope.

Ramek, Long time since I connected to you… I’m wondering can you help us attain what is needed for greater Clarity of our Beings (Internal Systems / Processing)?

Ramek: Of course Mario. We seem to have better Attributions or Support from our Internal Processing(s) while we are Awake and Aware… Being the Energetic Side of Things. Utilizing Meditations (When you Can) and allowing for Practices as Yoga and Mindfulness. It helps greatly to have Newer Cords or Energetic “Gateways” you may call if you do Interior Work, Being (with the usage of your Visual Interpretations) and Energetic Overlays (When you can).

Alright Mario as it seem’s you’re already bored so will leave this as is, Goodnight!

Me: Alright Ramek, Thank You for your Support!



A Message – For?

Amira Can you help me Understand what’s ongoing in these times?

Yess mario, we are doing some inner work, being in the plains (the ground structures) of what we utilize in times for your better accords (Being the Humans). We want to say that perhaps this message is not meant for you, but by better attributions or support, on our side, we can come to a conclusion of whom these messages may be in need for (In Times).

We want to allow you Mario, to find the attributional support systems (Grids) if you will… That allows us to perceive of inconceivable truths. Things which allows folks on this Planet Earth, to see by (With better) support – Accusations that have been made in the past, on these times, while bringing back the higher apertures (opening as Portals) up to a point of singularity. Which is the traverse, what you work upon within the higher realms or “Planes”. In time remember not to falter in the Upper atmospheric levels (Which are) making contributions to a Higher Opening (Aperture) of Unknown reasons.

Which are the reasonable exempts found within your channelings (As this causation) changes (Keeps on changing) with the attributional supports which are congruently working within times – With Those whom have had (Made) contact with the Extra-Terrestrials. In any case, we have let you Know (Want to let you know) that the Importance of these messages, concerning the effects of channeling. What Mario is composing here for us (You) to better Understand or find Agreement forms, which will (Allows) us to contemplate on new measures in the here and Now! As opposed to beings who are making contact with Mario in the Future.

The exemptions found within this channeling or documentation (You choose) which ever one this may attribute to (Align) bring about – Change or transgress in partial or totality. The (From the) Assumptions made in the past (Concerning this Moment Here). New findings have occurred and now we can come to a Greater Conclusion or Attributional Support – Concerning by the effects of this feed (Intellectual Knowledge being disposed as a Symmetrical Alignment, happens in accords to what composites this particular knowledge in these times) remember that by not faulting into a Meltdown we can come to better attributions or copulate extraordinary results in humans whom have partook in the secret space programs or being/having made assumptions by creating de-localized spaces or accesses made beyond the temporal spheres of beings who are changing or transgressing particular feeds of informational downloads here and now.