Videos (Art – Kaleidoscope & Music)


Hello everyone, I decided to make this little channeling today

Let’s see what comes through for you.

Hello Everyone, this is the collective of Melchizedek. We want to speak to you today about the events which are occurring. You see there are plenty of opportunities for us to accommodate an experience or view (perception) cause of assimilation’s within these transcriptions for you Mario. Please wait, I am going to need to adjust (And they are Adjusting the energies nicely).

Alright Mario you may now begin by accessorizing the internal compounds of these assimilations for adjustments in the perceptive causes of where we are going on this Earth in these days. We simply want to imply on you (To you) that the energetic overlay’s which are achieved by greater accesses in scopes of perceptive knowledge comes on a rather higher basis for folks who do channel from our energetic overlay’s, the ingrained proprietor stats of what we have conditioned or unconditioned aspects for you to evolve or see higher attributional support systems acting up from the ships in space and beyond.

Thank you for Incorporating these frequencies.