New Music Album – Init

Music is made by me, here’s my new album – Init


Cover art created and colored by me! Hope you enjoy, cheers!



Channeled Message – Amira (What to Expect) – Energies month of April/May

Hello everyone! Today, I will connect on within to Amira, and see what she has to say (or even Ramek – in this case) about the energies of the month of April/May, and what to expect.

Now let’s begin. Amira, Ramek are you there?

Them: Yes Mario we are here, what is your question? Or matter, purpose for our summoning?

Me: I was wondering if you could give us, me and the readers, an outlook on the month of April and May… As what to expect and what kind of energies may be driven/shifted… Any particular events in need of considering or shining light on?

Ramek: Yes, let’s begin by stating here that Amira will work on the initiates, where to begin in all of this (the message) and from there on out I will add me (and collective) our families underneath the Earth’s surface. For more information on this watch “Cosmic Disclosure” on the Gaia network. O.k now, Amira, do you want to take on the lead (take on over)?

Amira: Yes Ramek, thank you for letting the people know of what importance we may find within this transcription or message to say the least… The energies of the month of May, may shift a little bit (some minds) out there, because of the implementations of cosmic proportions in the scientific communities. There are great leaps happening all around and disclosures of these kinds can let people to begin to falter – lack of a better word here, to allow them to foresee an amazing imprint of informational downloads acquitted for beings (a calling) from traverses made within implantations of the unacknowledged world of cosmic disclosures on the web and so on…

Amira: What I mean in this instance is that people around the world are going to begin to question the propositions (in turn) around the aspects of convoluted properties of the Nordics – for one… For once it is submitted beyond representations of what they are capable to do with there technologies… in any case Mario, it would be best for you to begin to understand the bigger implementations of cosmical proportions put on out within this blog’s proprietor stats, as accustomed to the numerised proprietor grids utilized for core conductivity in conditioning people to begin to lapse or get an understanding of what this is about. Go read on out “Raising Consciousness” and from there on out if you do believe in what is a probabilistic matter of attenuation within galactic spheres upon this Earth which keeps people up at night. There are more intelligences growing fond in you (the readers) while we make interconnections to your higher selves. A guidance found throughout allocations of how we will portend to the next assimilated charges carried on by your suns activity, and so on. Delocalizing perpetual agents (In time) to eventually submerse yourselves in a line up* which will carry on the rest of the day’s energies into a more profound and balanced state of Higher Acuity for developments into the golden spiritual age of Gaia (this Planet). Namaste, with that said… Ramek?

Ramek: Yes Amira, portending changes that have happened by grand exemptions of humans on this Earth taking part in a secret space program alliance… There is more to unfold in the nearest future in kinds of people beginning to understand the underlying physical properties of the technological codes which are send on out to multinational users on this Earth, which have the capabilities to astral project and so on. They are good usage in “targeted programs” which allows for the mechanical grid structures of the machineries utilized by the Nordics to interconnect liable (formulas) – light lines to individuals having a dream or nightmares in this case (concerning whether you are connected on lower to higher frequencies of experiencing). The localized aspects of what kind of missions are gathered for people around the Earth. Are made remarkable by people which are in NASA remarkably, the exchange point of contact or assisted contact assimulations in contemporal realities (managements) this creates (from the technologies) what we can come to comprehend or get to compromise as an inherent structure of our genomes abilities (light body transmissions) and thought controls – even movements – to govern beings to a simpler (simplified reality) by check ups* what they would call them… The ability to make or control an individual by making (giving the remarkable matters within their visual interpretive states of alure) which shifts the contournal messages ingrained within their proprietor statuses (advances) cords of energetic modulations which are attached to the visual cortices which transposes information beyond their visual eye sights and governs them to new areas in exploration all from within the use of the third eye and light body evacuation or abduction to another plane of existence (in some cases) which is not always good, but no matter has no causes for harm whatsoever (in many cases) thousands out of 300 cases goes by unnoticed, for individuals who likes to create and explore within the 5th dimension and higher…. The prophecies exchanged by groups of people on this Earth is simply one unattended agenda being created for export (utilizations) when something comes up (ratter of big importance) to shift people’s attention and perception of the world on a ratter easier basis (line of thought) and explanation (a consortium) for rationalizations.

Ramek: alright that is all for now, we leave you be, goodnight. Namaste, farewell until next time.

The collective of Ramek and Amira.

Amira: goodbye Mario & others.

Me: Farewell, thank you for your reading (message) Namaste.