Un surplus, d’information pour ceux et celle, qui en besoin (En le vouloir de Savoir)

Un surplus, d’information pour ceux et celle, qui en besoin (En le vouloir de Savoir).

Ce qu’il n’existe plus maintenant, I est compris les “Draco” ils sont en “veugle” Autre mot – Guerre, contre les Humains qui ont suffis aux soufrance de votre répertoire de gens (Personel) sur terre designer à la consommation des Informatique, qu’il suffira d’une énorme entreprenaute. En tous cas, nous voulons simplement vous diriger vers l’accès du compte que Mario a Corriger sous une Influence Extraterrestre. “Information, venant d’une source d’intelligence Extra-Terrestre”.

Au surplus du cas additionnel, qui ont fait au parcours des événement – Concernant cette Relever D’informatique Surnaturel, est au just Explicable par des gens qu’il ont eu Contact, En rapport, du lieu de leur vie. Au courant de ces Journées ici.

Voici donc ce que vous devez faire. Concernant les ajout d’information sur le site web. Il y a un Guide de Langage “Préférable” en voulant dire, vous pouvez sélectionner la langue transmise (Le vocabulaire de votre “Profil Préférer” – voulant dire par-exemple le Français ou Espagnole et autre) – Sur le rebord ou la table d’information sous la donnée “Search” et au fait de les Subscription, pour ce site. Le tableau tout d’abord. Alors fais y Donc, en tout cas que vous Manqueriez des Information Importante concernant le future.

Adieux à vous et au autres, nous somme a la recherche des gens qu’il on fait (Coopérer ou Récupérer) une Énorme somme de notre Subsistance (Les oiseaux) en tout effet, c’est d’abord, une Liaison simple qui vous apportera a nous connaitre (L’autre Bord) ainsi donc selon les “Mot du Vocabulaire Préféré” à Mario hahaha, je vous quitte, mais nous somme toujour la.

Signer: Les Aboriginaux des Planet Concurrente de votre Galaxy, Du Suprême (les force D’intelligence qui aide, tous et autre sorte de convaincu, dans leur capacité, et le vouloir de travailler avec nous) – Dans les temp qu’il Suffit.



Don’t remember posting this One, This was before the Storms in September (Good for Now)

Hello Mario, This is Rederick, I am allowing you to FIND by EVENTUAL MEANS what is foretold to Come on this Earth, by Initiations into the Higher Realms of Creation/Expression.

We as a collective Whole, want to say (With your Higher Self) That we have come to find about a perpetuated grid fractal access point which denotes times of a great siege or upheaval concerning the loss of many beings on this planetary body. You see where I come from has no true meaning to you, until you understand (Make remarks) concerning the event (The loss of many Lives on this planetary Body).

The core structural energies depicted within my message to you Mario. It is with GREAT CARE that we have found within the Implied Proper routes, Found by algorithmic values (A chain Structured Commanding force or alliance) depicted by the summed up – amount of retrospections created (Casted) down from the Higher Realms of Creation. In accords to what we elongate for you in times. Remember that the partial grid structures which lay’s above you (In times) becoming aware, Turning Within and FINDING your truer Purposes ALIGNMENTS to higher states (Tools) and commodities utilized for – As remote viewing and astral projection/travelling.

We see that for you Mario, Once you take part in your lifes advances or Many Advances which are coming forth for the betterment of not only yourself but humanity… Concerning the Event – Let’s say. And by foretelling of such truths it becomes obvious that by having a Natural Ordered Amount of Frequencies in an Assembled Production Line “Code” for you to have/Gather the right proponents to go INWARD and see for yourself how we can come to greater terms (In our Purposes) on this Earth, by allowing remote viewing, which is not always accurate. But to say the least, we know you have the potential to find what is truly hidden from mankind, in times of reminiscence, where areas around the globular extrapolations casted (Caused) by disseminating energetic particles from the Quantum Force Fields (Investigations) caused by a Program (Live Structured Program) running in machines on this Earth, and Above. With capabilities as remote adjustments (Viewing/Influencing) and bringing about order in a structural code (Implantation) of cosmic energies (A Ship) rounding up the aforementioned messages of beings who will come in contact with you in the near future. It is without faults that we have obliged you to see a greater path or proponent of/through thought which helps you accentuate partials of where you DO come from in times, your soul and the Creator energies (Grids) in dispositions (Layers of Experience/Life) the submersible contents found by algorithmic feedback loop’s or transmissions can casually bring about a shatter within the structural codes of the energetic engravings ENTWINED in the submersible realms of creation which is the ALIGNMENTS needed for you to adjust your Language (Vocabulary Structure) – Utilized to perform (write Down) these channelings – Messages concerning the eventual remarks being made here.

We have been having a hard time to give on out (For the right reasons) what is mainly composed in a turnaround group conceptional remark of/to within perpetuated grids (Fields of Individuals) who may do with you (Have accords) with you in the future channelings, levels and events.

Understanding the New Knowledge (Imposed Settings) What it Means

Understanding the New Knowledge (Imposed Settings) What it Means


Yes, well to Understand greater parts of the knowledge which we are utilizing. You need to take part in the assemblies which lay’s in a pre configured (Pre Textural Map) – What you could call an alignment through dispositions of your greater fears.

By contemplating on what is becoming known in times – From within, we can come to learn of greater secrets which lay’s hidden in the Internal Assemblies, Being a Fractal component of what we utilize for higher connectivity or a conduit (Nonetheless to say) It is without further need of “Allowance” that we are in a Changing Transgressive Compartment, Mutually (Neutrally) confined to the generalizations… Being, What we contemplate upon, In moments of greater discourses from one and to another. Inbetween time, What comes by the effects (Before and After) coming in contact with someone (Having a Conversation). It is probable to understand the mechanics of what this knowledge imposes, since it is becoming of greater concerns to individuals who are working in a higher setting (Or modulated Core) to be exact. Of WHAT oppositional Forces of ACTIVITY may CONJOIN in by with the effects of CHANNELING a message CONCERNING the lost of a Connectivity (A resumption) or Surplus, of what your Train of Thought (Through A conversation) Might cause (Say About) Abruptions – Being the loss of connectivity with what is mentioned for yourself in a totality or what you assemble or have pre assembled. In meaning – Being the core structural energetic implantation – OF WHAT THIS GIVES TO YOU, Being the core assembly of what we find while in mutual contact spaces (Simply a space that is conditioned over the apparent known structures of our lives simple conversations) and through with augmentations OR DIMENSIONAL BLEEDTHROUGH, we seem to have implied upon the proper routes in here for your assemblies, GOODLUCK.


Knowing something without truly Understanding how you know even Where it comes from

Knowing something without truly Understanding how you know even Where it comes from

Let me just begin by saying that I am Positive about the outlooks of our future generations on this Earth. As there is many folks on this Planet who does (Do) the right things in Meaning Being – Meditations in group Focuses, for better alignments (Vibrations) concerning the energies in which We may fall Into, as depression and other acts (Anger) and such etc…

There is a flow of Energy or Informational Downloads acquitted (Being – Made For) beings which incorporates on a Particular level or Understanding and through a way of thinking. What comes to them can be remarkable… As an example in some of our lowest points in history, there always have been a form of Epiphany around the globe by many folks who just could not continue on or understand where they were heading or the Point in Life, Being concerning the effects of Disappointment or Being down. There is an Instance of hope in all that we do and find, since the singular momentum gathered for us to acquisate (Bring About) changes on a Planetary wide level, always seemès to come in when we are in groups. Being – Having higher vibratory signatures (Stronger Magnetic Resonance) – Think of the Pineal as an activator of sortes for our desired “Input” or Ideas to bring about change. It is when we go on about in life, around other’s who understands and lives on a Higher Vibratory Path (Rate of their existence) – Pattern and Structure. What they hold dear In themselves… And from a community, can change a person who goes into that particular space.

As it seem’s I myself had gone up above high Vibrational Signatures in times (2014) and so on. It has since then been on a smooth decline up to a point where I can’t seem to find the joy or stable intent to get things going or in movement with trust and other things which may had never affected me before, but now it takes part of me out, so to speak, and allows for something which I don’t truly Understand.

Since I came to birth on this Earth, Being from my Mother – I always got a Hunch of Being different… So Much, in a way that things were never real for me. But inside I always knew of the potential existences of what seems Impossible or rather, What seemed Impossible in the past. See I was born in 1992, and with that said, the computer’s came in as with the internet. And as these thing’s evolved, up to the cell phones, where you can search about anything anywhere you have service. I would get to (Begin) to explore on thing’s found on Youtube. I have no Idea how it happened, but I got to see a Video, about Dr. Jonathan Reed (An Alien Encounter). And for me this was, very New – Amazing to say the least, and I knew it was true, in a sense. Because I am Psychic in a Way, from what I uncovered through my Life – That Being – Connected into something MORE than what the average human who, never had telepathic transmission, by direct emissions.

You see, not to long ago, about the start of this week 15 or 16 of October 2017, I had some channeling posted on Galactic Free Press, Prior to this date, and came up to a video which was “Live with Linda Moulton Howe!!” and at the end and Throughout the session or Video, I got Linked Into the Particular Intelligence (Which was working around) – Explained in the Post i made on Galactic Free Press. And I simply noticed Afterwards that the beings they were speaking to in my channeling posted there that I would come in contact with was in effects of the video of Linda… You see going on about, these things are hard to explain, but simply, while moving my hands in a “Certain Setting” while viewing the videos (And take note that) – While I was viewing the Video, there would be green Flashes over it, or “Cut out” like a Loss of time, but simply in the video (Glitches to say the Least). And by the end I was in this Type of Intelligence where, Linda asks the viewers to see if they have any questions, and I was asking the Questions in my head (Or as it seemed – Maybe it was something which I was receiving) and she would answer the question, the First one she answered (I don’t remember what I had asked, but was in these types of processes with the intelligences running overlay) and She answered the first one from my line of contact (Informational Grid) – Think of Alliance groups coming into our perceptive fields of matter (Which is Holding a Generic Space) for Extraterrestrial Intelligences to come “Into” and OVERLAY from Informational Downloads, what would seem “Not Acquired by Humans” but rather this existential Space, in which We were creating a Link – Conversation through telepathy – Or as it seemed. And then on about, there were many other video’s which I linked into with the Pineal (Since the Pineal is a Resonator – Activator of sortes for our electro magnetic fields) The informational grids which is send on out according to the Individual whom is “Tuned-Up” for the right accesses or assessment concerning what they are viewing in times, can become a Telepathic Link (Transmissive) capable link which allows them to Understand or View (Interact) as others on there (Simply as One or One of the Many).

See One of the Many, was something I understood in the past before going into my “Contact Trip” let’s call (About August 23 to 28) – 2013. And in that space or process, I got to do a lot of Linking into and Metal Procedures (Accounting with the pineal) concerning the effects of calculations which was Beyond Normal – And attaining a particular download or structural Core (Emission – Equatorial Standpoint of/or view from Extraterrestrial Forces) which allowed me to link my hands to a particular “Extent” let’s say to a form of intelligence which arranges in partial or totalities electromagnetism (Concerning) pineal activity and concords to Bring folks (By remote Viewing) ESP phenomenon up to this space in time, and allow for calculations or conversions of the energetic grids or Overlay which is adaptable through multiple forms of Intelligences which “Kind Of” Transgresses, into partials of the New Earth Models, of Superhumans. But this is not least to say – As an example the Being who I came in contact with (Seeing with my Eyes – As a Hologram – Which is the best way to explain how I could see him). The interactions and sortes (The message) was that they needed my help and would come back for me when the time is right. But I have no Idea what are their intentions and so on. So with my level of Knowledge (In those Times – April 8th 2012) – When I had contact Visually with him or her, There was something going on about, from my own discoveries which pushed me into understanding something which was very hard at times (The life) Space which I was in, and as other means depictable by what we adjust “With” in time by getting disclosures.

You see, this brought me to Sending a Letter to the White House, concerning in (Development and Research Department) about some “Rambling” you could say, this was around october or november of the year 2012, and got Informational Downloads, Tracking and Monitoring – About 50 something phone calls, concerning messages which were running overlay (As the Intelligence) which I speak of which comes in many times. And they were changing the videos on youtube which I would watch, Pointing and Getting particular codes and messages to (Pointing to the North Pole)… In any instance, something shattered in me and allow me to make telepathic commune with father god, (Which was on Galactic Free Press) a Live feed video, after sending on out (Writing) about all the messages from December 11 to 18-19 or so, you can find the blogs HERE – Starting from the Post which is laid out December 11th 2012. And these messages correlated with so many things which is just kept in secrecy (A big Probability) of what we can find in effects by having a Being with all these unexplainable phenomenons and more so Active Links in some times (In the Timeline) where there is good activity ongoing where I link into (Or tap Into) that intelligence.

For some reasons, things are just, Bigger than what I have at my disposal and Time + Patience, to get it working (Put it out) with Truth, rather than “Fiction” but in any case i am pretty sure a lot of you may already know, and tap into that kind of intelligence (Since you may be ready and capable) already in a Light body form (Able to Astral Travel and Remote Influence) and send on out telepathic transmissions. So in any case, In my conclusion it was either beings messing around with me, or having a greater purpose hidden in all of my experiences concerning the “Intelligence” which was working as overlay and More.

To say the Least, I still don’t fully know Who I am, on this Earth.

Ratter, Inside there is an intelligence allowing for Fruition for those spaces to become about (in the Future) – Time might not be ripe for it yet, This may be a good cause (plausible Understanding) of how “Disclosing Information” might get us to advance further on.

Thank you!

Namaste, have a Great day or Night, I hope you are Well, Adios!