Five Channeling’s each Having Exactly 888 Words, Including Paramountability #5 which is written in Higher Transparencies.

These have been written in less than 4hours after seeing ships fly by over the horizon and having a clear connection with them.


Sustaining the Grids #1

Perceptual anomalies intercepted.

Quarantined aspects alleviating sub-structures. Actualizations on temporal flux Identified.

Augmentation to supernatural abilities denied.

Aspects in need of clearing, substantiating the differences.

Amassing light from the grids, perceptual anomaly.

Interceptions functions on synaptic wave lengths reliable to planetary adjustments.

Timeline inquisitions, temporal flux denied contact acquisitions.

Fractals acquiescing the whole command structures identified with no anomalies.

Interceptions quarantined in subversive tactics.

Abandoning higher reuptakes, quantifying advances to interplanetary transgressions.

Core attributes are forming greater residual effects from synapse.

Currents form wave modulations, contemporarily given in synaptic modules in excess utilizations, counterproductive venues enabled, sub set systems in advance for quadrants set in higher reputable incisions. Adaptability to restore fabrics of conciseness brings about coherency.

Actual demands are pertaining to higher reputable aspects in the near future (chain of commands), sub-normal realities merge in onset ongoing phenomena’s.

Adaptability restoring havoc in chaotic nodes adjacent to infinity, adjusting substantial things as our frequencies and consciousness (Psych) Mind/Body Balance.

Diametric conversions enabled for processes abiding in lower transparency. Modules accessing higher transparency will guide us to view/see/understand what is hidden in plain sight*

Controversies are enabled for subset notions from devotions.

Actualizing higher reputable grid commands are aligning hyper dissociations from undulated awareness.

Telepathic information is gradually set to converse in nodes adjusting subliminal impartations.

Substantial things/remarks as higher grid activities predisposes contents of an aboriginal synapse in (contending field viewers).

Potential to augment in frequencies, are adjusting temporal fluctuations from higher grid activities.

In the confines of space… Where generally the fabrics which contends to a suprema/nexus shifts according to predispositions from quantum flux bands on this planetary whole. Interdimensional beings are adjusting subset motions of inactive prospects undulated from diametric conversion processes which quantifies the Absolute Conscious.

Whole demands are attempting to prefix substantial things as higher grid dispersions, core anomalies and diametric conversions.

Simplifying flows will adjust substantial things as advents to new telemetric formations for conscious measurements. Levels of initiative causes are caused by simplifying links to higher octaves.

Discernment processes has been adjusted from frequencies aligning perpetual matter (Events) in formations of our systems. Diametric conversions has subsisted the crossing point which acts as a check point, primarily given in formations as these while we are adapting to higher reputable uptakes (Flows) which allows matter to shift independently for formations as the ascension process and psychic phenomena’s.

Deviations allows matter to subside in venues which acts in accords to the crossing point.

After achieving such point we allow ourselves to be transported to higher existences.

Singular momentum quantified through diametric systems for adjustments pertaining to our frequencies, allowing consciousness to shift accordingly and as planned.

Neutralities identified as a stable source of diametric augmentations to conscious pertaining to higher existences. Perceptual anomalies are intercepted from our (Blocs) systems predisposing awareness of individuals while having achieved the (Check Mark).

Indifferences are regarded and evaluated by sustaining the grids higher diametric conversions which acts primarily on quantum fluctuating bands.

Additional data is required here (Proponents of Discomfort).

Actualizations on higher grid commands are accessing undulated consciousness levels pertaining to hyper dissolutions.

Temporal grids have been achieved, substantiating the differences are required for higher reputable uptakes as individuals have access to this information on probability of contact.

Dissociations have been adjusted thoroughly, advances in the next perpetuated constructs are attained here.

Higher grid discernment is in requirements for processes which allows us to attain a link to co-active fields of existences.

Augmentations are denied as for facts are needed momentarily…

Indecisions quantify reputable uptakes, core anomalies have been adjusted pertaining to the singularity, and we are now in hyper dissociations. Probability grids have been denoted by enactments achieved from the singularity. Consciousness is in probable forms of manifestation from temporal fluctuations.

Indecisiveness returns as we quantify are reputable uptakes. Indifferences are taking form, sub-settled frequencies are adjusting the temporal velocity from higher grids. Substantiating indifferences may be probable from undulated awareness in ED (Energy Dissolution).

Sustaining the grids are in requirements for actualizations on hyper velocity factors (HVF) conditioning the minds from internal grid structures which have been accessed by experiencing altered states of awareness/consciousness and perceptions (Senses). Results have been astonishing showing greater reuptakes individually forming a grand alignment from dissolution of energy. Modules accessing consciousness in ROAD (Rage Obscuring Actual Demands).

These processes have been took seriously, without proponents of discomfort, as actualizations on temporal velocity factors have been abolished to sustain the grids internal structuring.

Systems enabling higher reuptakes in routes contending to higher levels of experience have been attained by simple argumentations made from dispositions on dissociations and associations of (Material Conduct Analysis) MCA pertaining to studies on co-kinetics. Adjusting demands of a terminological responsibility is in dire needs of augmentations while attuning the fields.

Processes in higher reputable routes demands actualizations on higher grid commands/activity while we adjust substantial things as the diametric conversion process which should enable humans to view the entirety of our perceptual world* Discernment is needed for lower frequency stasis (fear). Trimetric singularities confining the general understandings of our potential to attain consciousness of a new existence/order from fabrics shifting co-dependent statuses of our lives dominical access points.

Frequencies attaining/adjusting fabrics of a cosmic alliance while we are in transcription of internal demands while subsiding energetic anomalies from coherent stats attained in quantum loops.


Substantial Results Are Being Made #2

We are achieving primordial statuses.

Advancements are being made daily, interactions within core groups has us wondering where the perceptual anomalies may be hidden.

Advancing in co-dispersion, processes are enabled, higher grid activity has us pondering substantial results which are achieved through internal coding. Advances on prepositions have us wondering where the substantial remarks are being achieved. Actualizations on temporal grid commands have dominated access codes to individual’s conscious resonance levels. Perceptibility of our demands are inquisitive and hyper dissolutions of core matter is attained in binaural synapses. Inner potentiality can subside if we allow matter (consciousness) to dissolve from temporal alignments in higher reputable tasks, as we ask what pertains to hyper assimilations: Conquest to liability modules predisposing fabrics of the cosmic alliances for subset frequent advancements pertaining to telemetric rises.

Inner Earth has many individuals on occasional fluctuations, what we mean by this is simple advances are made from temporal alignments which pertains to higher grid activity while our Earth is in adjustments from singularities confining within the general structure of choices we have to attain momentum worldwide. Inner Earth is conceptualized from frequencies denying facts of a hyper dissolution in conquest to liability consoles where areas of our world was in deep fabrics which would contend to an abyss. In simple terms the adjustments pertaining to hyper dissolutions have brought up awareness of an actualization which confines the general laws of how we are creating this momentum, while gradually augmenting in cognitive associations which have subliminally adjusted frequencies in humans, while our chances of having an eternal rest in what pertains to cycles of an infinity loop contending to abnormal statuses of an diametric conversion would allow us to sustain the grids while we are happily adjusting momentum for singularities in stable intents of humans worldwide.

What contends to an aboriginal synapsis is individually regarded as a subset devotion in rises to subsequent matter which shifts our potential to tip the scales and unleash a chain reaction which potentially creates cycles to trigger advancements in worldwide venues while we are in processes.

Our work is potentially regarded as a higher detainment from co-active fields subsiding inversion processes for ascension protocols to coalesce indifferences and internal structures which are in need of alignment before we attain momentum, gradually accessing individual demands of our consciousness levels from actualizations of our senses while disposing terminological advances through dispositions of a quantum flux band attaining affinity levels and having potential to create a chain reaction with recreational augmentations to a sustainable form of consciousness (Being) to permeate the dialects of higher existences through experiences of additional data which is required daily on occasions while we submerge intents of a quantum loop.

Addressing past intakes/anomalies which were being recreated at a momentarily adjustment needed for co-active fields to dispose contents of an aboriginal synapse. The frequencies which allowed us to view the world in a constant distribution of events, linking synchronicity was attainable from acting deeply in our roots (internal structure) and formations as these, while the need to recreate momentum for a gradual rise in successive counterparts would be achieved from a study which allows us to form a gradual process of (Imprint) for structures to allow us to ascend individually as we are in need of contents pertaining to higher degradations which was formed on actualizations of the break down analysis for fluidity and restructures after the process begins to finish for (Abilities) which have been attained from the break down process (Fluid state).

Actualizations of how we contend to subsidisations can halter the actual effects of the proponents needed in conductivity while we allow ourselves to attain co-active study fields for maintenance on proponents of (Discomfort) while attaining affinity levels which subsides every aspect of the word (Divination) and compromises the intellectual properties of individuals having attained a higher reputable task in forces which are beyond our own reasoning as for the words we have are utterly impossible to understand unless we study the fabrics of what is disposed and worked with thoroughly in many different ways. As for the consciousness needs to be of something new. The nature of our understandings, the level of our consciousness is not as close as what we have while decrypting the grid type ratios which accelerates predispositions in synaptic wave modulations from coherent thoughts attained through predominant states of being primarily adjusting the fabrics of the cosmic universal mind, to allow matters to shift as needed when we are in transcription points throughout the grids.

Momentarily the fabrics which have been accessed, were in need of transparent modules from our conduct analysis which has been attained by locating events within a higher existence. This existence is attainable from our adjustments which can be made from (Delving Deeper in Cosmoses) which allows us to understand how channeling may be regarded as while we are in transcription modules accessing hyper dissociations from an internal process modulating awareness for proponents of a singularity.

This would allow us to remember how we can adjust the awareness for experiences within a higher resonance which allows us to work with substantial things which are attained from a higher intelligence level in our existence on this Earth.

The reset is potentially linked to a loss of connectivity from actual assessments of divinations.


Hyper Dissolution of Core Matter(s) #3

In dire responses to our alleviations, the matter which allows us to be sustained in a hyper dissolution helps us contribute to other things as life in general. The higher activity which predisposes contents of an aboriginal synapsis can be achieved here, thoroughly while the adjustments of the notable extents which are gone unseen has actual proponents of what is attained at (Here) the momentum graded from actualizations on temporal fluctuations governed on attributable formations as our uplinks to universal consciousness is allowing us to achieve substantial results in remarks of an individual having access of our notions within experience. Denying facts about how this is going to work should not be allowed to prospect in divinations as for the subset, fluidity in augmentation of our constructions to another way of being is potentially in harm’s way of our denial on impartations of a superstitious account.

Momentarily the adjustments are being made in co-active fields for higher grid dispersion processes while attaining affinity, the levels of notice can be made from notable accounts as we have prospected (deviated) fabrics here for advances in another time/reality which confines space as blocs individually subsided as an inertia of activity while having us predispose contents of an aboriginal synapsis. The contending field viewers are portending to fabrics of National Security measures in distribution of these forms for allowance on code 11-Three-23. This has been created from an actual process of assimilation, info which subsides inside our genomes cellular structure/systems allows us to attain light body transmissions in eleven-three-twenty-three. The facts that allows us to sustain a higher graded form of reality pertains to individuals in assessment of their neutral counterparts creating a whole command structure in processes which assimilates info in perpetual constructs which enables hyper dissolutions to alleviate core matters an help us sustain higher grid statuses.

By allowing matter to shift independently, what recreates this moment is in denial of facts govern on attributable forms of consciousness which have loss connectivity with hyper dissolutions of core matter. The indifferences which we can achieve while allowing measures of a hyper dissolution can be made for the core to adjust frequencies pertaining to hyper velocity factors. These should be noted by denial of facts which were inconceivable because this information compromises structure of an internal creak. What we mean by this initiative (Creak) is that some measures which allows information to be leaked out potentially bursts open from achieving and allowing us to attain light body transmissions from higher dialects inherited from beings of outer star systems which can give the whereabouts of our transmissions in notable accounts pertaining to hyper dissolutions of core matter. The frequencies which interplay links to higher postulations in demands of a Time Transcription Process TTP should allow us to link undulated forms of awareness in whereabouts of our individual enactments from transcriptional points in space where we had this potential (to read) this juncture for adjustments which would allow us to see indifferences of an undulated awareness through frequencies playing (Subatomic Core Groups). This allows us to view the world in a new light. A new way of being for transcription analysis’s which allows us to reform matter, while some individuals are in their fluidic state.

To transport individuals to another transcriptional venue in time of our frequent adjustments pertaining to hyper dissolutions. Higher grid ratios are active while we advance in subset motions for the Large Hadron Collider which enables us to shift indifferences of a reality which has potential to recreate moments of a hyper dissolution from whereabouts of our metaphysical transcriptions. Corporeal, substantiating the differences have been allowed to assimilate codes of conduct where our light body was being downloaded or adjusted for a boost pertaining to frequencies which have alignments to subset devious accounts on phenomena’s which would halter experiences of a hyper dissolution.

The frequent measures which are carried on by internal structures of the systems which holds onto secrets, should allow us to sustain these flows for higher activity in space while adjusting frequent matters as a hyper dissolution. Temporal alignments are needed momentarily for you.

This caused us to forget… Where in reasons do you get this information?

Now associating core concepts should allow us to substantiate the differences of a hyper dissolution of core matter(s).

Internal grid structures have been actualized on subsequent analysis’s which governs attributes of a hyper dissolution.

Core matter is adjusted from our singularities.

Probable routes contending to a suprema is existent in core matters as we allow ourselves to shift independently for accessing demands of a higher redistributable excerpt. This allows us to understand the fabrics of the universe while we are attaining affinity levels which composes the numeric standards of (Model of Association).

Internal grid structures are completed from dissolution of core matter.

Probability factors of a diametric conversion process should be closed off for an amount of 11 weeks.

This pertains to individuals whom have access to substantial things as my writings while having hacked the censuses of our accounts in notable excerpts to nations worldwide. This diametric conversion process is now in its final stages of initiations. Grid structures have allowed us to shift the processes which halted experience of an aboriginal synapse, now we come to a close for structures of hyper dissolutions.


Assembly Modules #4

Accessing greater amounts of data by means of this universal transcription point.

Indecisive factors should abolish once we understand the greater fabrics individually being created and or conceptualized for advances on predominant results, made for sustaining the grids and futuristic TRIPs as postulations required for advancements are being achieved by a sine. Redistribution of our models of associations should allow us to view substantial things as the universes main language.

Conceptualizations of those proponents or aspects may be actualized in the near future or past models of associations by defining the general space we are in while reading this information.

The transcriptional status of these messages are coming online for precognitive dissonances while allowing us to multiply in extensive research phenomena’s/fields pertaining to higher grid dispersions as actualizations on momentary flux may bring denying facts about the outcomes of our perceptual anomalies.

Indecisive venues which have haltered our experience of life, pertains to unusual demands of a notion which exists only in space* This momentum is achieved by having synapsing currents evolve in flawless activity from Actuality Governing Factors as the choices we make while we are in augmentations to Hyper Transmissible Routes should lead us to detrimental statuses from an aboriginal synapse. This has been adjusted and cleared for actualizations on the probable manifestations, controlled (maintained) as an advance status (Indifferences).

Temporarily the constructs (Glue) which holds things together is conceived by a momentary fluctuation within demands of a Hyper Transmissible Route as our HVF (Hyper Velocity Factor) is conjoined with this scripture for analysis, expansions on the phenomena. Higher distributable routes contending to a timeline adjustment has been made as we have conjoined a higher activist* from alignments which were create in past analogies (Codex).

Sustaining the grids is momentarily adjusting a hyper transmissible route which leads to aboriginal statuses within our alignments 5:55AM 27/05/2015.

Now momentarily the fabrics of these transcriptions and sings may be given for us to attend to singular momentum which is undeniable from facts within these processes.

Experiences which devolves the known fabrics of conscious understandings while allowing us to multiply codes in frequencies which are augmenting dissociations to hyper transmissible routes. Subset frequency adjustments are needed from alignments. Thus creations which allows us to view from raw transcriptions… The ideal formation for these to become about (Without) substantially making much impact on our genomes natural ability to drive the contents emitted/reflected upon in these remarks, should sustain the grids dispositions while we have tuned our frequencies to dissociate intellects of a higher order for study on account formations.

Subsequent matters are shifting at a large percentage individually this should allow us to view substantial things as Galactic Inheritances which devolves the known frequencies of our synaptic modulations.

Quadrants in actualizations of the percentage of views we may get from redistributing information as this will contend to a suprema while allowing substantial remarks to be made from co-active alignments/fields while predisposing information on accounts which were made in the past modules of associations to find dire relics/intellects of a higher order in pertaining matters, sustaining the grids flexibility and more so eventually gathering the necessary postulations and remnants from guardians*

Momentary adjustments being made for synaptic modulations, aboriginal synapsis contended to a stopping point. Residual effects are transmitted from transparent modules accessing higher links to co-active fields while we interchange transgressional parts to allow matter to shift accordingly.

Consciousness is Matter as Energy is Frequency sustaining supportive venues for dialects of suprarenal advents while transporting humans to the actual Event which can be transcript/attained from a CSN (Culminating Singularity Node) or missed from a TRB (Transmissible Resistence Blocks).

Attaining singularities may be actual in demands of what portends to individuals reading my works, in simplicity the culminating form actualized in the future prospects from downloads achieved within these transcriptions may be endless in remarkable statuses which allows us to sustain a higher probable route to singular momentum from co-active distributions on (Paramountability). This will be written in earnest when this transcription is complete.

Indecisiveness should allow us to attain a co-extension to formations which allows our gradual performance within these chained events. Momentarily the fabrics which allows our choices to be altered has us wondering how or what the residual fabrics of those choices may have been brought up to or for in those moments for a type of interaction which conditions the prospects we can attain if individually TAC (Time Access Codes) would be given more often.

Sustaining grids may be actualized from deviations while we go for a smoke* this contends to matters which halters the experience for an additional round of data while allowing our brains to defrag what seems impossible to maintain while we are in coherent stats from adjustments pertaining to the informational fields which adapts here (Conformal Mapping’s). Now all that is allowed to happen should allow us to sustain the grids for an amount of 23days up to now, until the next parts are written individually this should make a good concession on how we may maintain the sustainment or management of our works for alignments and experiences to coalesce/fuse with our transcriptions.

While additional data is required we have notably given into consideration what this may become in the near future from having these writings under conditions of 888 words.


Paramountability #5



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