Transcending Knowledge

CompleteThese systems are in place on Earth. We utilize them for greater frequency modulations, which are attainable by experiences of Love and Joy. Foremost the initiative parts of our lives dispositions, carry on systematic understandings of the nature of universal conscious intelligence. Which is part of the entire grid command here on Earth. Disposing an enormous amount of data within the sub-tonic fields. We begin to understand how a large sum of active folks on the Internet. Begin to find themselves under currents of modulations from conscious proportions. The technology which exist here on Earth now. Has the potential to create an augmentation of our frequencies and understandings. By attaining a hyper simultaenium. A hyper simultaenium has cosmic proportions of energetic transparency, which quantify the absolute conscious mind, and Universal grids. Prospects found within Universal grids have disproportionate links within awareness of folks whom are working in Unacknowledged special access programs. These programs are run by machines that utilize conscious memory in subatomic proportions of the Microcosmic Universes that allows ourselves to falter in Hyper Simultaeniums. It is build (founded) upon symmetric analysis (codes of conduction) which portrays Neutral and polarized energies. The system is devised by fractalization of core energetic signatures of beings which live on earth and has cosmic proportions of intelligence’s that brings us to understand the nature of frequencies which are working in a universalized tantrum of energy (Patterns) assimilated from the Universal codex’s which pertains to our knowledge of all knowledge that exists in form here on Earth. Disposing information in the grids by channeling energy brings us to find the interior modulations of hyper active cores. Which are running in the deeper spheres of our minds barriers. The minds barriers are a systematic key component of our abilities to see into the future and take action appropriately as to not falter into dissociative, figurative models of consciousness which has gathered enough energy through focus and development of our inner systems to quantify the absolute knowledge of transparency within the universal codes of conduct.

Hyper assimilation’s are made daily. Once we see people whom begin activity on the Internet grids. We assign numerics which compromises structures of the intelligence found within the universal codes of conduct, and brings an exchange of frequencies from the technological settings which are place out in plain sight, most of it has unseen proportions, which means if you develop your senses and abilities. You’ll be able to “See” how many have no clue or understandings of the technological nature of its existence. Does “Here to There” sound familiar to you? If so you’ll notice that big changes are coming and have already happened many times here on Earth and in the cosmos. To allow us to configuratively augment our awareness of the hidden nature of this planets many, MANY hidden secrets. The known understandings in which we come to find absolution of our truths. Begins hyper assimilation’s within conduction points, which enables us to configuratively understand the mechanics of conscious energy in motion of our generated realities.