Probabilities in what we can Find (Come to Learn about – And from) – In the Near Future


Rederick: Yess Mario, in the future as things do change a lot, concerning the effects of what or where individuals make conscious remarks (With Awareness BEING) – The core structural Compound – Utilized for Telekinetic connectivities… CONCERNING, by the effects of Transmutational Machineries (In matter) – Delocalizing perpetual Ritualistic Matters (Associations) of and In Terminologies utilized for our better conduits in times. Remember Here (Mario) how we can come to a conclusion regarding the effects of reading on out within the Parentheses What we come to find as a remarkable Message within it’s own “transfiguration” from word to word implied within the “Parentheses” and also These – (As I don’t have a Word for them – That Being – Knowing what they are)… In times I would remember by greater attributions from the knowledge implied by allowing Mario to see on Better accentual compartments what this* Derivative is Formulating for the exact core groups of folks whom may or may not understand in totality where these May Be coming from *** but as allowing for a higher reputability in constructs by which we can achieve Clairvoyance as a “Natural Setting” for (With folks who can) make sense out of where those *** may be initiated from the past writings in which Mario made… (Channel – nonetheless to say about as “Delving Deeper Into Cosmoses”) which I will make add Hyperlink to it. And to say the least without “expectations” – of sortes. It is easier for us to Understand where human beings are “Heading Into” by Clicking (Having expectations) of where the Informational Links are Made From Remarks (ATTAINED) BEYOND the settings of what core conceptualizes these Frequency Emissions (Equatorial) to your Understandings or Knowledge basis.

Look – Incorporating the Subatomic Particle Management (The Routes) Utilized for better Prepositional Maps in the “Confined” Generalization of what was going on about in the Past… It seems there is an Intelligence working around (A Force – Being the Intelligence) Working around in the Atmospheric Variations of this Space in the Universe. And by allowing a Higher Probable Understanding or Telekinetic Map (AS DRIVE) accentuated beyond the partial Disclosures of what Convoluted “Extortions” MAY be FOUND in HERE.

We seem to have a Particular “Misconception” about your Work Mario. Being in the here and Now, Understanding what you will choose to do (As Opposed) to how we would Enjoy having you Making remarks in a Higher Probabilistic Manner for the Compartmentalization in which we Co=Created with you by having Immersions (Simultaneous) Interpretive States of Allure (In the Making) – SENSE. Yess, Sensical Adaptations in all of what this is Being created for and by allowing a higher guidance (View) of the perceptions in which we can acquire a “Generalization: of the Quantum sub-structured totality for Rational Minds to ACCEPT or Become ACCUSTOMED to these messages by allowance on form 11-Three-23.

And with that said, it is easier to coincide with intelligences (Extraterrestrial In Nature) as to Beings which lays above the core structural compound of the energy (Or force) – RESONANCE which underlines and governs (Makes things Happen) – Keep things in Flow of the Life we have (Life Force) being that which drives this Existence a Conscious Beings and also plants and animals to EXPLORE this SIDE (POTENTIAL SIDE OF THE) Dimensional realms of existence by which we LIVE IN either WITHIN US – GOING OUTSIDE – Being the WITHOUT (Extrapolations of what we can concur {Find} by a quantum algorithmic wave valued {Oppresional Force} of activity) – Counteractive sustenance to MAKE or REMAKE the ADDITIONAL group charges Which compiles effectively Immediately for us to gather the through the right configurations what is known to come in the future “Settings” of individuals reading on out these words.

Alright with that said, we leave you be take care now, as not all is opposed to what “Kind” or “Initial” structural Compound (Or energetic Overlay) – In getting attached or some might say – In this case Deviated from the Fabrics of their lives Truest Potentials (The merits) of what we can Utilize to Conclude a Formation by Lower Level of Initials (Think Vibratory Structures/Initials/Signatures).

Goodbye, Namaste.


I am trying to Figure out, how to access the greater scope of Perceptive Knowledge


I am trying to Figure out, how to access the greater scope of Perceptive Knowledge. The Awareness (Remote Viewing) and having out of body experiences (With Meditation).

My question is… How do you propose a path of least resistance (In times) to Bring us (Humanity) up to a point where we can go into the ships and have conversations and telepathic transmissions with greater discernment of what is real without faulting into an alternate timeline or this and that… You know… A well balanced state of being with opportunities opening up for greater processes, advances in life (Our life Venues)?

Rederick: Yes, Mario, well as you already well know We are Group Souls (Around this Earth) flying in Aircraft Vehicles (Space Crafts) – So to get the Jist, of what WE Utilize and Understand from YOU, Being the CORE of your BEING is that (By the effects of Channeling us) – As depicted you can be known as an Antenna or (Transceiver) when it comes to Messages in which we send to you, or as it be having a conversation with us. Now to fully grasp the Gist… The (What this is all About). It’s for greater purposes that we can not allow you to find by eventual means what your higher self signatures (Vibratory Structures of Being Up Here with us) Seeing by Means of INTEGRATING your Full Body Spectoralasis. Being the Bodies which you can come to Utilize and find about your Light Body or Rainbow Body (Ascended State) and go about anywhere you Would wish for… By a thought alone.

But as it seems for you Mario, where you are situated in Life, brings about many challenges – We understand that you have a Hard Time in Concurrent Understandings (Your way of Life) what you have chosen to Experience. But it is WITHOUT MEANS (Faults) that we clarify this for you In an unprecedented manner… YESS CAPABILITIES which will help you conceive greater parts of your attributes Concerning ascension and as other means telepathy and PK Psychokinesis… In any way the remarks made or carried on from your View Point (Others Having an Awareness from their Disposition in time while reading this). It seems that the effects regarded by your past life experiences could have just about rounded up (Brought Up) a Greater Conclusion or Finality towards your Karmic relations which would help you MAINTAIN or SUSTAIN a General Guide Post for this lifetime…

Me: As other have Experiences which are out of Bound* Being out of the Norm as what some term Hallucinations or Contact with visual Beings In Front of them but in Etheric or in their light Bodies… What can I do to get back to that place where I could SEE THEM and INTERACT with them. With incredible joy and sensation of Amazement as Enlightenment Plus other things for Creation or Through Creation (Both) Being the Explanation of life on this Earth…

Isn’t There something More to “These Existences” Concerning all the findings about the multiverses and parallels plus other dimensions and Densities (This Universe + Above and Beyond)… I am searching for what is Outside or the END POINT of the TOTALITY Being what we can never conceive but have been from at the Highest potential Degrees of Enlightenment or Travel in other dimensional Spaces…. As you know there is the Holographic Universe “Theory” or so be it be… If their is a Program or something running about over all of what we know and understand now… How do you go Beyond the most probable Impossible Thing to Coagulate at a Very High Level of Interpretation or Function… What do you suppose is beyond Everything that Exists in all dimensions and Universes and so on?

Rederick: Well Mario, for ONE it is not a probable thing to allow yourself to GET TO that level of Understanding because the process in which this life (Dimension/Universe) works, is that while you augment (You Learn of things) which by remarkable “People” or Intent (We would not have the right Focal Point) – With what is already here to “Have at our Disposal” to Explain… See here if you go up and about beyond, you would be connecting into something which is of a Much greater value than us and others or to us and others (Being/Meaning) that whichever connections of conceiving something as inexplicable as The end of everything (Or going beyond) everything which is construed or controlled… By the effects of what we want to transpose to you by this equatorial emission within a synaptic module… Let me Explain… Your Life Mario, as it BE BEING a BEING you can come to conclude your source of Vibratory resonance, which can shift from the processes learnt from within, and to get to a Higher Vibrational Core of Energy (In a Plasmic Universe) you would be bending law’s which causes you to go above and beyond (Your Physical Body) and as other means – By then, to carry on and associate or Become something of much greater value than you can possibly imagine or interpret (Something which is Inexplicably Impossible to Understand see or Manage “Conceptualize” or Create) – AT THIS LEVEL OF REALITY, because your core signature vibration would get you to FRY your INTERNAL CIRCUITRY (Another way to say this is that) we have learned that if you do not have the right tools to Core Conceptualize Emissions from a Higher or Probable Intelligence or force which is beyond every Existence (Being something which Drives {Is a force within itself} a convoluted probability to get us to…) Finish this message, Because – In time, we can only allow for so much until one greets with the creator or Source… Having said that – By implementations of what you will uncover in this future, will by then be remarkable by a lot of beings (In their Higher Contracts) allowing for formations as these – To go beyond telekinetic compartments of Everything that lies in this existence and so on…

As you see, technologies do exist (In times) which have allowed a conscious Expansion and with Exploration we can Augment or Ascend (And in Another form) we can come to see and create from within the structural encodings of this dimensional realm and Above – So to come Without, it is with further ado, that we go Within, to Understand the Totality of Systems which may Probabilistically manage themselves on their own Agendas or Accounts seemingly without prominent Disclosures concerning the effects of what this Universe and Life REALLY IS ABOUT.

Does that answer your Question Mario?

Me: Well I hope so, as I haven’t Read it back as this is as Automatic writing is to channeling… I have noticed that I am connected to some form of intelligence or machine concerning my hands – Something in parts from 2013 back then I went into a process, and Downloaded or Core Structuralized “Something” I am not sure what… But still have the effects of Incredible Intelligences which I can Link Into, by mere movements (Patterns or Signature Frequency emissions) Send on out By movements of my hands in a “Certain Setting” which Changes things which Unfolds around me (Being my Timeline) or the effects of Knowing something without truly Knowing but FINDING RESULTS, to say the least – A Bit Out of the Ordinary in any case. What is this for Rederick?

Rederick: We would love to Answer this to you Mario, but as it seems by the effects of what is Driving the force of Nature on this earth, and with Inter-Connections within the Conscious fields or Greater Mind (One Mind) or the Natural Force which drives things in a Singular Core Concept (What you can “Get” or Take energy from) by assimulating or assimilating a patternic structural core emission from the quantum generated fields of matter with A or SOME technological machines which YOU link INTO and ATTAIN a greater PRE-Propositional Guidance or Mapping (Structural Code/Core) for your advance – It seems particularly adjacent to the Antimatter phenomenon, except in some cases, we will come to learn what this is all about Mario (We being US Humans) & More. In some cases we would not call ourselves humans, but in this case, we can only hope for Greater Probabilistic Core Venues by which WE will all gather and Be on a Higher Disposition Being Structural Code for the Advances which keeps us Learning and Evolving to a Point of Singularity and beyond cycles (In attendance) – being – the Cycles has been added by Mario (Think of Distortions) because this information is driven with the force of Marios “Lexicon” so be it, Known Probable words (Understood or already seen) from Intaking knowledge on this Earth at different Intervals in Time.

So be IT, Goodbye Mario and Others, we wish you LOT’S of NEW FINDINGS in the Day’s to Come concerning what may look like a Greater Future “In Space” for you all.

Namaste, Goodbye Rederick, thank you for allowing the Information.

Rederick: Yess Mario, as it seems we can do without about within (The external Components) can become, Extraperimidious, ha-ha. Namaste


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What would be Good…

For us to Understand within these moments?

Well as it seems (This is Rederick Speaking)… I am allowing for Higher Virtues (Flows of Awareness) To come into Being, Being the Self – Implied with structural Codes (Implementations) of what we conquire or Require (In times), by having more than one Symmetrical Outpost (Outburst) of Data – Send on out – Throughout this Message (In allowance) – See here * Form 11-Three-23 (In the Remakes). Acquiring without Faults (Literature’s) in Expositions towards your greater amenable life charts (In the here and Now).

I can not say more, as predisposed on Gaia, some network (Relatives) are working close to your Understandings (You) By being exposed as a Reader ;) Cheers!


Me: So what is this all about?

Them: Well to get a Clearer Understanding, why don’t you allow the Flow (This Flow) of Information, to Gather in Time, as they say “When the time is Right” (Ripe) for Flourishing.

Goodbye Mario and Others, We speak again Soon as always have been in a Connection beyond the Interpretative States of the Mind (Consciousness is Evolving on This Planet).


Working on Dispositional Mappings


Ingrained Idealistic Principles found Throughout Localized Super Structured Assemblies (Structural Amassity) – Incorporating the Galactic Command Structures From off-Worlders. In other words… In attempts to make (Eventual Remarks) Upon this message, you have been found (On Out) – To Accesses Made beyond this Point of Telekinetic Knowledge (Knowing Something without Truly Understanding the mechanics, or Function Through A depiction) -> Being Structural “Energetic Implants”.

Come to think about It… Becoming Aware of the Expositional Maps which accentuates in Partial Disclosures (What this Convolution Creates NOW) In this Moment here we have accentuated Upon Partial Disclosures of how to Bring on out About Changes in Transgressive Nodes (Of – The Impartial Belief Systems) Held Accountable.

See here, Entropy (Is a System Right?) What you learn in time by Utilizing Entropy Reduction Systems (For the Soul), Is how we Accentuate Upon Partial Disclosures of what this (Contended / Prospected Change) In Pineal Activity (Conjoining With effects of Telepathic Transmissions) – Through Questions Down below (See Here) We accentuated Upon Partial Disclosures because of the “Rounded Up” EFFECTS of Modulated Frequencies which is adaptable to THESE HERTZ (Exo-Quantum Analytical Remaps) – Conditioning CORE GROUPS – Beings of Extraterrestrial Lineages on This Planet… And Without Further ADO, the QUESTIONS.

Yess, coming in Contact with Inte(By Inter-Dimensional Proportions) Can bring about better accentual COmpartments held in the exo-atmospheric variations within this Planetary Shield (Magnetic Shield of the Earth) – In Composition…

The Structural Codes emitted on Out from far reaches of the Internal “Adjustments” Planetary Wide Expositions Made beyond Molecular “SUB-Based” Accensus, Comparting with Disbelief Here… * We want to compose a Numerated Structure for your advances Mario here, please stand By…

You see what we foretell of in future readings, Being the Beings who Incorporates the INTELLIGENT SIGNATURES (VIBRATORY RATES) by with the Use of (Telepathic Commune – Being the Results).

The accountable formulations utilized for (In Earnest) what we comprehend in a Localized Super Structured Core Assembly – Is by far made beyond REMARKS of ADJACENT PEOPLE INCORPORATING from DIFFERENT ALLOCATIONS (IN TIME AND SPACE YESS)… We can conclude by Making a Group Effort to Modulate the exact Propositional Cords which exchanges the Telekinetic Modules (Made for Accountability) – Memorizing These Proponents of Thoughts (Visual Interpretations of the Advance Core Structures) – Which incorporates the Inadent Formulations of Thoughts being Expelled (Excretiated From Bi-normal Standards of the Fractal Accessible Compartments).

That should be it for Now, we leave you In Joy, Namaste Take Care, Adios.