Higher Intellects

Higher Intellects

Crystal Bands was a way for us to advance on some dispositions, the ways in which we chose to show you, how the end waves were carried along within messages which would seem as a probability to show you what seems impossible to understand. The inner works of how those assembly’s took place can be seen as a higher disproportionate link to co-active fields within our own momentum from a gradual rise in frequencies. Sub sonic proportions to what we can achieve from a singular node “Adjacent to infinity” in simple terms the intellects are carried on from “conformal mappings” etheric and energy conscious “metaphysics”. Disproportionate links would be sublime in the potentials we have while gathering data, in subliminal “Accounts” what seems to portrait the core in adjustments to sub sonic frequencies, additionally the higher dispositions would allow some keen observations from/as psychic phenomena’s would allow us to perceive in advance what (Construct) would be held in the inner (In depth) “working” fields, (Our genomes basic composites “Mechanics”) additionally conforming to greater *reuptakes when we abide from lower transcription points in the etheric (world/fields).

Compositions in higher reputable tasks which are given from fabrications of something which seems potentially linked to some other (creations/manifestations) on the grids, has us in portending fabrics/experiences for/from advances which are a carry on from previous “lapses”.

In depth the potentialities to link some former things allows for fine tuning* which can bring about greater results in the end programs. What we mean by the end programs are simple things which we hold onto within from simple observations which are carried on from the constructs which allows us to fine tune in advance what would potentially get to unstable statuses.

To hold on coherent nodes which interlinks in advance the subliminal extensions which have as subtle arrangements/agreements made for an energy exchange. This can be seen as a simple culmination point which can bring about many differing forms of energy which we utilize differently as we can become aware or potentially be unaware and carry on within cycles which covert’s the usual law’s that carry on a generic stable rise.

Intentionally the fabrics shift at deeper levels, since the “atomic” structure is carried on from memory which guides us to higher reputable programing, sub type groups of mind control.


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