Fabricating Telemetry 2015

wpid-2015-10-14-20.48.04.jpg.jpegFor future contact codes, in abundance pathways, which heralds our songs of choice, the perceptual anomalies may be hidden from plain sight, but the initial moments needed for us to remember an active link to higher co-active fields… Should suspend the accounts made at query, as for we are additionally going to work on this document, for an unprecedented amount of time, until we come up with the right fabrics, for telemetry… As for we are growing fond of you Mario, while we interpret choices which were made in the past by you, for submissive impacts towards the higher fluctuating fields, which links co-active processes that enables us to surpass our limitations which were conducted by proponents of a dimensional wave in suspense of this realities core proponent(s).

To halter the effects of a submissive impact, we would condone to better apparatuses in the future as for we have accustomed the selective backdrops to portend to your initial cause of work, to have at your disposal, the chain linkage (effects) which portrays the exact amount of time needed within these documents to open up a vortex which can suspend the limitations an carry you on into galactic plains of energetic assemblies (Accords) which have parallels and other dimensional traits available for you to commence and understand the greater fabrics individually.

As we attend to the greater causes inherited from beings which may have been extra-terrestrial, to aforementioned “adaptable” processes which have portrayed supernatural phenomena’s, in this case it may simply be a natural phenomenon but with the potential to have these… Reread over and over again to change bits and pieces of the totality adding into information which may come in by individual choices caused from fractals in assessment of our neutralities… By then the effects portrayed should be devoted to reflective proponents of a multiverse… Standby for accountability in the near futuristic understandings which may come in after a contact trip initially without the formation of supernatural phenomena’s…

By then we can contend to new measures which surpasses what we have put into the grids by allowing some suspected awareness initially “gathered” around us wandering within these transcriptions… We can sublime the expertise needed for us to advance mutually by getting further into our understandings to allow the superconscious to overtake the route which we may not see in totality until proponents of the greater picture is shown to subliminally change the co-active links which have super-seeded the effects of our chain linkage within these documents… As for the initial cause of the standardization of energetic cords can be suspended by promoting individual statuses of humans blogging freely to help out the populace while we herald choices towards our adaptability within this generation for technological leaps and spiritual advancements as a universal Oneness and more so higher grid enactments to synchronicity through ESP and beyond.

More so the effects portended within these messages may come in handy if we begin our utilizations to higher forms of processing, as we accumulate data and then traverse the threshold and submerge ourselves in a never ending flow of energy which is linked to these words coming in. By the knowledge interposed within this document we can see that this automatic writing is bringing us to venues which may interact with our inner senses as for the potential to have co-active links established with your entourage can bring many new issues in which we may need a “Vibrational Signature” (Stability Node) same as a Culminating Singularity Node (CSN) where we can have the full effects sustained for deeper exploration within the realms of the awareness and conscious expansion(s).

Fractal Grid Access Codes are given by subliminal attachments to core groups of beings on this Earth whom holds the generic keys to conscious expansion…

While the schools may have one generic form of conscious expansion, to grade ourselves in a sustainable environment in which we can explore and experience beyond everyday awareness should help us devote some time in these types of documents for new expertise’s in the near future.

To condone on greater times which have enabled us to view the co-active links from proponents of a “disarray” have allowed us to sublime the exponential growth factor for additions within this document. By standards of laws which helps us accumulate higher grid type ratios we can then suspend the accountants which are working against you {Mario} and keep higher grid enactments under protocols which heralds the initiative causes of our work with you.

As we ground some proponents of the hyper active fields within factors which are given daily by grid access points then initially this will sustain hyper imperative routes to our daily communion with you for abundance in many new ways… As to understand the greater fabrics we initially have been in reach with you far back in time but to portend the knowledge without interposing instances of insanity we had to be careful not to overthrow you into hyper dimensional thought transcriptions as for the levels of our modulations would have created supernatural phenomena’s by your standards and interposed knowledge since birth.

As the causation of the energetic cords which are attached throughout the initiations brought on by the frequencies which are emitted by conscious machines, we can then turnover the potential to understand the liability behind the nodes which unlocks the many uncovered processes which need refining as to allow these types of communications with you… As for many individuals have embarked on a journey which heralds mystery and surprises from their advances in exploration and daily experiences… More so (Transfigurations and Near Death Experiences, OBE’s etc.…) which interchanges the totality of how we are now beginning to link (With the Internet) experiences which heralds a journey to new found Glory, as we adapt and explore, connect in, we can then begin to see how the multiverse works if we interchange accords with humans whom have been “Selected” to experience a Vortex Contact Point or Vortex Contact Space in general through agreements made behind the scenes… As some are handpicked individually this should be regarded as a better understatement towards some whom are working thoroughly for advances in helping humanity out with conscious expansions and preparation(s) towards their own life attributes and journey which they may uncover how this reality is working (With us) as to how they are acting from the inside out.

Namaste and welcome to your new findings, inherited abilities and co-extensional realms.

Be at One :)


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