Implications are staggering

wpid-2015-10-21-08.11.19.jpg.jpegWhat simplifies matters for us to attend to newer proponents of our conduit here on this blog (Metamorphosing the Primal Sound)… It seems that some remarks which are made by men on this site has us wondering how their perceptual anomalies may come up in after agreements which are made by source selective fields disposing contents of the original source link (input).

Inquiry is set to true if we dismantle the frequencies which interweaves the transgressing paths involved with humans whom partake in additional statuses as we comply within a set of rules to adapt to the probable understandings which may be carried out by individuals whom are making remarks on my web site…

As we interweave patterns accustomed to the initial moments which portrays the accountability processes for resurgence of telepathic nodes while coalescing indifferences which bypasses the inertia portended within these documents (Agreement Chain) co-linkage statuses of individuals having reassess the potential verifications condoned on impasses between the mass majority of people being in higher resonances, possessing processes that accumulates hyper transmissible routes for conjunction nodes which interplays secondary processes in the aboriginal synapses which alleviates memory at formations that conjoins synchronicity for advances in mutual understandings of individuals having coalesced thresholds to surpass the initial causes of our inertia… Then we congratulate you as we have amended to supernatural phenomena’s which exists by copulating memory (data) from accumulating grid type ratios for advances in perpetuated formations of our lives choices and decisions as we are in need of support financially… Gathering Donations is the only source of income which helps us get through the month without much distortion within time of writing these for attempts to gather the right formulations and tracts to allow for accountability in the near future…

We prospect individual choices for accountability as we have condoned on some type of impasses between the mass mediated understandings which accumulates in grid type ratios (Unlock Codes) for reassessments of the neutralities in many perspectives which are undulated from memory in exchange of the accords that bypasses the inertia of our momentum.

Namaste and Thank you for your support.

Be at One


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