Awakening from our Dream State


To wake up from your dream state…

It seems that what we gather from our awakening state, once we come out of our dream state, we can find enlightening proportions to what we uncover while we are within dream states…

These dream states are the same as when we are sleeping, except we are awake and aware… Simply in a type of dream state where we can make better usage of our creational capacities, as we encode or decode the world from within.

The awakened dream state is something very special, it seems to interconnect parts of a totality, working systems which we can disrupt and cause new venues to be implemented… The Ideas and the formations of constructs which we can work with is very conducive… Meaning it seems to interpersonalize the concepts attributable to higher consciousness while we are in semi awakened states, but simplified to the purpose of our dream states.

It seems that what we can gather from being within a dream state… Can proportionately transfigure our knowledge, interposed throughout cosmoses as an additional process which helps us see in a form of trance, a new state of awareness in which we are maleable… It’s almost as the Liquid Form of Awareness, where it is constantly flowing, the effects transposed within our activity.

From point to point, step to step, we flow well within our liquid state of awareness, it is very conducive and we can get some partials to an awakened individual whom has integrated proponents of our work.

To simplify the process of awakening, it seems we are sublime in some form of channeling where the information which is drawn to us can commence Higher Octave Chains (HOC)* of perceptions where we are in greater constructs (Formulations)** for us to attenuate the many undulated forms of energy which can become transparent… In meaning we can go into higher transparencies where we work on a deeper level of the human mind, genome, body (In Receptability)***

The process which becomes active (for the dormant cells)**** are acquire in many new ways as individuals figure out proponents of attaining their singular mastery…

The effects of ascension can be causation of some very real phenomena, we imply on propositions which were carried on in the past modules of associations to give out the known world ideologies which can traverse the barriers of what we understand as the physics of consciousness. To surpass supernatural phenomenas and come to know them as experiences unfold, and we build on our intuition, which becomes an innate ability, which is very usefull in these times.

Our instincs may be trickled up to an awareness which utilizes formulations of our past intakes (In general, life phenomena and individual augmentations)*****

They are compositions of matter which exists by subtle emmergences, something which lies dormant and can be utilized (Awakened)****** in these transcriptions from beings which are coalescing greater parts of the totality every single day of our lives on this Earth.

Proponents of the newly awakened individuals, have causation of remarkable effects while we monitor in the esotherics the many active forms of our daily conscious life.

When we ask for help, it does come in ways in which we sublime individuals to understand the greater links which exists (From Affirmations)******* and more so advances in perpetual formations of our divinations while acquiring the right constructs to build and shape our formulations to greater advances in our own mastery and ascension.

Perceptual anomalies may exist, they are a form of thought which comes in as beliefs and ideas that can carry on energy which holds us back, it can keep us in a cycle, until we find a way to break it open and advance further on…

We can come to know the cycles as a seal, when its open we get to the next steps which may be beyond our own configurations to attend and translate, decode the general energy we may be in while having these many new cycles, carry on greater light and energy which can expand and give rise to implementations which needs some nurture and time, patience to ground and anchor the full potentiality of what we study (In Greater Cycles)********


*Higher Octave Chains
***In Receptability
****for the dormant cells
*****In general, life phenomena and individual Augmentations
*******From Affirmations
********In Greater Cycles

The Higher Octave Chains, can cause our Formulations, (In Receptability) for the dormant cells, In general life phenomena and individual augmentations… They are Awakened (The Genesis cells) From Affirmations, In Greater Cycles which are composed thouroughly as advances are made within are transcriptional points in time… And higher Transparencies… While becoming active in many new ways, interracting and Co-creating, the new Earth Templates and more so lifes journey to our ascension and well being (Mastery).

Be at One


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