Impasses on the associated fields

These contemplate the awareness’s in which the fabrication of the contemporary stopping point’s where created for a gradual reuptake within individuals for greater assemblies throughout the planetary grids in compositions. The factual means to developing inner consciousness of a gradual adaptation to higher concept’s by which the implementations of technology speaking of which is embedded within the constructs in a totality as for the mentions of a planetary consciousness could be in partial effect’s to adaptations of something beyond the known fabrication’s while in depth they denote times to acknowledge greater means of the individuals having a higher grid experience.

In a complex study of these we can inquire on some aspects of what deviation’s might of formed while adapting to the other channeled or automatic writing “Materials” in depths where the formation’s may have cause these to enable a resumption in a bypassing adaptations trough formal bonds in acquaintances while seeming comparisons could of created a fall between the two the numerals, colors could have had adapted the possible means of these implementation’s while the message from a month back had those implemented within them without having consensus of it while interplaying within the same fabrics as how this is coming to fruition in these moments.

Quite frankly, we adapted something for them in which the concepts would have been numerated, colored in the postulation’s while the figurative aspects of what those may have been as a title named general structuring of thoughts had in effect’s a purposeful message within the message’s which compiled after viewing the moment’s in which the mappings from the colors would not have been possible without the points of contact where the information was set in a space where these where deemed possible at moments of fractals in time.

The motion had been consensual in aggravations throughout the understandings in the grids as the field viewers would contemplate on what the acquired telemetry would be in the near future…

The aspects of those had come to fruition from some moment’s in September and gradual working within those formation’s had adapted the general charge of information within the pathway’s for the gathering within moment’s to create the complete map “Path” to crystallize within the aspects of how these are coming to fruition.

Contemplate on this moment if you wish we say advent’s of a new world or way of being is within moments of greater conceptual amassities, those where concept’s where the word’s in search would have had about two or three result’s within the search engines in there of which the implementations of finding those word’s might have been almost impossible. As this being has caught the words Rakendo and *** another one which formally we don’t have memory of, for those moments are simply gathering a flow “Kendura” and “Rakendo”.

Those two word’s where possible to gather in means of higher intellectual realization’s by which searching for those words on the grid would imply that this individual had been contacted for means of a higher possibility within pathway’s to new views on how the searching could have been implemented…

Simply put those two word’s as amassities where gathered within, without the means of looking outside or having it crossing our path’s, seeming comparisons they denoted times of greater abilities, contact, to higher ways of being as telepathy or so psychic.

The composition was gradual at the implementations of looking in way’s to advance the humans, their states to higher existences which they simply might go after advances within time of greater expansions throughout the grids in composition.


December 2 2014 4:08pm


One thought on “Impasses on the associated fields

  1. Hi Mario,
    As I puzzle through the unusual arrangement of words in your blog, which my higher self assures me are used deliberately to enhance our evolution, I realized that the lack of commas, and sometimes, periods, makes it difficult (for me) to work through the several thoughts in one sentence.
    I’m not sure if you’re in a position to add these commas and periods so as to separate ideas and thoughts as you write – you may be channeling at that time and not assessing grammar. :-} Or, you may be like my dad, who liked to put all his ideas into one sentence without worrying about separating them.
    If I understood the concepts easily, I’m guessing it wouldn’t matter. I’m not that far along my evolutionary path and thought that separating thoughts and ideas might help me absorb more of what you write.
    This is not a criticism, nor will I stop reading your blog. It’s just something to consider when you have time. I guess you’re not getting much of that, considering how many entries are showing up in my inbox. I am enjoying them all, one by one. I can only imagine how tired you must be. Kudos to your partner for her patience. :-)
    Thank you for your dedication to helping us all move forward.
    In light and love (to you both, and those in the other dimensions),


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