Wave Modulation Code


The wave modulation code can be regarded as a high priority force which brings in tantric matters at hands.

Because the formations within those accessible codes can allow the wave modulation to supply us with components which are singular in time, which is managed from frequencies that allows us to shift our current views (Perceptions) by interlinking many things at once… By interlinking many posts, many advents to new formations (energy) which is contemporarily given by synaptic wave modulations which affects our brains main components for us to receive reality as it is.

We currently receive it towards normal levels of modulations which is very silent (the activity) which interposes our brains structure.

Wave modulation codes can give access to many different forms of perceptions by bringing up an awareness which can be interlinked with formations within these messages as many other sources in physicality. As activity within can become susceptible to management from outside forces which carries us into more proper detailing which intermingles our lives decisions while processing information and this can stimulate emotions as other causes to allow further control.

The control mechanism is used as telepathy and other information as visuals that we can acquire within.

The main point which they utilize from whatever technology it is out there can susceptibly change your current understandings of reality by giving wave modulation codes for access beyond the grids which acts out as a Mind control mechanism which can potentially bring in higher octaves with some training and by becoming aware of something which we cannot understand can bring greater clarity in how this is all going to work in the future by having people notice when trigger points are melded in together with formations as these so they can be susceptible to changes which will help many out.

Experiences which come from the wave modulations can carry on changes within your own functions by accelerating or splicing as giving two or three informational flows at once as a stream which composes the codes under wave modulations.

Systems set on out by the initiative forces which can keep humans in a state of disarray may be dangerous to some extent but the liability behind its components will help us achieve higher contact points to assimilate better venues for individuals whom are searching for disclosure and more so Big Changes on this Earth.

The codes which can be downloaded from the wave modulation can susceptibly bring about coherency within management to supply us with co-extensional grids which are interposed within us active as memory and can potentially help us rewire the entire structure of our brains to allow better abilities which will become handy in the near future for people whom are going to help out at the Event.



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