Accounting for Subliminal Impartations


The processes acquis within this document should be noted to initial standards as the last reoccurrences which have been attained by subliminal impartations.


Portending fabrics are shifting profoundly, inherited designs should be given from substantial things as a retreat option within these documentations, to additionally contempt individuals to work by standardizations of laws which are universal in nature and exists in core groups of the substantiating results attained within accumulation of our conduction code analysis which portrays an exact amount of time in writing to supply individuals with extra perceptibility from awareness which interchanges from transgressions impartial to new life efforts on this planet.

Tremendous efforts are put into disclosure processes on this planet and individuals whom are working thoroughly for advances within those fields can be interlinked to many phenomena’s which have existed and been experienced by them to initially open up new venues for disclosure and their roles as initiative beings giving into the new Earth created reality and construct which is the potential to connect to the grids as networks to do some research after such phenomena’s occurs for them which shifts the general understandings they may have about their role on this Planet.

The efforts which I am putting into, my field of expertise is very conducive meaning not much effort is required to wright these and also my drawings are very exponential in effects which portrays the energetic cords which is utilized by the channelings as for the energy which is transcribed in my drawings can portend to portals which carry different vibratory states and evolves as a metamorphosis towards the higher octaves which I may be playing while connecting to other beings and supernatural phenomena’s.

One to Thirty Three, fractal access codes, are inherited by designs which accumulates/postulates by indifferences of humans working thoroughly as I am for advances on potential reality links which are attainable by substantiating the differences of Oneness within the universal grid Network, which sustains life in many occasional energetic spaces as dimensions are temporarily linked to higher attributable formations of conscious co-kinetics, as energy moves we also undulate formations which temporizes and interchanges the frequency patterns which are working roughly with our transcoding capabilities.


Terminating the accounts can potentially fabricate new transgressions towards the general life decisions we take while having supernatural phenomena’s acquis the intellectual properties of individuals as choices which undulates our awareness is carried on in potential fabrics as reaps for postulations which culminates at higher reputable task forces in the commanding grid officers (Star Seeds).


Sustaining the accords are good key measures to take indifferent of your statuses on this Earth as with other beings and humans.

The potential to reap what we sow is governed on an accountable access code which derives off of our inner choices we make after our first contact.


Remembering your life position by doing mindful meditation may become important in the future as for the galactic wave can condone to cycle breaks which if we are into daily patterns and routines which we are not in postulations from the acquired concepts which we had/have experienced an understood (Realized) from our entire life on this Earth by first contact then initially we can fall into an immersion which temporizes the structure of our waves assimilations and formulations which sustains good vitality statuses Body/Mind and soul.




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