A message from Amira, January 27th 2016 – Becoming Whole.

2016-01-19 22.07.37

Welcome beings from all over the Earth. What I wish to speak to you about today, has implementations which will allow you to become whole again. In meaning we shall allow for a communion with us, through reading of these words, corresponding to my partner which I will name Ueymaex’oe.

Now by all means let’s begin Ueymaex’oe. It seems that far back in time, we allowed for a grand agenda, which was displaced on your Earth, by societies which would come in communion with us… By all means we are simply letting the flow of your evolution, skip a beat, if ever we would come to terms with you humans again.

The precipice, of awareness, in which we utilize extra sensory perceptions, allows for communion with a guidance, interior guidance, assembled from visions and intuition, as to allow our formulations to be acquired by the beings with whom we want to or do our work with. In worrisome matters some of your “governments” has been able to acquire technological leaps by taking down extraterrestrial crafts, by all means we supplice you with data in acquisition to the world of affaires in the known nexus of commands, graded throughout cosmoses, enabling telemetry between systems of evolution that became absolute after we had attendance on programmable charts, in this universal language, codex in lineage to star systems that have become (absolute) we allow for complementary excess in fabrications which changes the interior brain’s processes which allows for better commendable, and supremal activity which confines the direction in which we precipice the cords of vocabulary knowledge.

In prepositions acquired with diligence, the acknowledgements made far back in time when we allowed for higher communions with forces that far surpasses our own innate potential and abilities. It gave us freedom to think properly as to allow new energetic cords to assemble the right constructs (formulations) for contact. You see the assisted cords inherited from galactic beings had been driven off proposals of an inherited future, (nature) by which our beings were working in accordance to peace and stable intents of survival. By agreeing to formulations which would be attended (put into) your many different beings on earth. This allowed us to form the right accumulations of knowledge which had dispersed on the Internet’s grid’s, the fabrics of many intelligence communities, which had interpreted the meanings of all your writings (channeling) for exchange of mutual accords by effects of the displacements we had been conjure from, in our transition to galactic plains which exists in other dimensions.

The frequency of energy emitted by channeling and causing us to ascend in with another formulation of our generic state or body of being, it dispersed in the ethereal, an accessibility confined only for a group of beings (Souls) whom had advance far enough in the technological and spiritual capacities to guide us humans to a more suitable future , while letting folks as us to ascend potential reality links (chain links) towards a higher attributable form of conscious co-kinetics, which is the parabola, in concise telemetric rises of an aboriginal (supernatural) order of the extents by which we have come to learn here on Earth.

By probable misguidance which herald3d possibilities of an augmentation point (transcript) in time and space, allowed for a suprema, which exchanged the many attributes found in Mind over Matter (conscious co-kinetics) telemetry and advances within our genomes natural formulations of thoughts. As to acquire a greater concept through life lessons which allowed for hyper dimensional thought transcriptions.

More so while we attend to natural things as our healing capabilities. It seems that the suprema which has exchanged memory (visions) through telepathy, conjured up many forms of new beliefs in humans which were particularly not ready (intentionally) by causes of hatred and fear. As excess in what the operatives have condoned through psychological warfare. By meaning the potential to link very advance projects which are called Unacknowledged Special Access Programs. These programs have become the known for technological leaps which have happened and are now allowing things as mind control and other differentiated factors on probabilistic world problems or advances on ascension and other genome properties where some achieve out of body experience and remote viewing, some are called medium’s which they can exchange information from the other side with ones whom have passed away or some that are allegedly out of body.

By good chances we can allow for the right effects of transformations while we allow for conjuring of beings in other dimensions and probabilistic future lines (lineage) which have attended to our spaces in time by agreements of laws which has held our planet safe from “Total destruction”.

That is all for this message. We leave you in Joy, and may prosperous times come about.

Be at One





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